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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Play Arts Kai Adam Jensen - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Hi everyone, just got the time to make another review. I actually got this Play Arts Adam Jensen figure last week but i was not able to play with him due to busy work schedule.

Anyway, Play Arts Kai's newest line is from the awesome video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. By awesome i mean that the game really got terrific reviews from video game critics and is considered one of the best in its genre.The main protagonist of the game, Adam Jensen, is an ex-SWAT turned security specialist who was given cybernetic augmentations when a deadly attack on his charges (researchers and scientists of Sarif Industries) left him critically injured. Here he is in his full Play Arts Kai glory:  
Perhaps the best reason why i got a figure i'm not really familiar with instead of, say, some more Peacewalker figures is because Adam Jensen's design looks "fresh" making it a welcome addition to your Play Arts Kai display. He looks cyberpunk enough with his cybernetic hands, black accents and futuristic weaponry but you can still distinguish his humanity (whoah! DEEP)...errr... i mean his human features.  

And the fact that he looks like a cross between Hannibal King, Wolverine and Neo. 

His accessories and weapons are decent enough. He's got his rifle, a couple of alternate hands and a couple of alternate forearms with blades. He's got good articulation also - well- as expected with Play Arts Kai of course.  His headsculpt is also dead-on with the game model though i kinda wish he can remove his glasses.Check out these shots: 

 I love the details of his armor though the standard (i.e. no blade) forearm on mine got QC issues - it's texturized unlike the rest of his arms though i'm not complaining since it actually looks pretty good up close and it's not really noticeable from afar. If you can find a black 1/6 trench coat i think it will make him look more awesome.
 The only con i consider is that Adam is pretty skinny (hence the trench coat i suggested), especially his legs, as shown on the pic directly above. His legs also got the tendency to loosen up over time, well, it's a common issue with PA Kai figs so it's not a biggie. If you've been collecting PA Kais for quite some time now for sure you'll know how to remedy that.
Adam Jensen striking up an "Ezio" pose with his blades.
 Also, like i mentioned, he's small for a PA Kai. Check out the pic below to give you an idea of his scale. He's somewhere between RE5 figs and Dissidia (though the other Deus Ex figure: Lawrence Barret is a massive dude).
Rounding up the usual suspects: Cloud looks guilty though.
 Another plus with Adam Jensen is that he's pretty fun to play with and pose since his parts don't fall off (YES! I am pointing at you Dissidia Cloud). I just hope that Square Enix  gave him the "Dissidia" arm hinges for extra poses.
 If you're going to get just one Deus Ex: Human Revolution figure then go grab Adam Jensen, he's worth his tag. Personally, i would like to also get Lawrence Barrett so i can pose him locked in battle with Adam though Yelena Fedorova is an easy pass for me. Adam's SRP is 2.8K at Great Toys Online.
 If you love the game you're gonna love this figure but at his scale just don't expect too much.


  1. Do you happen to have better photos of that figure? I'm wondeirng if I shouldnt buy it, but only photos available are either from producenr or you, and frankly yours aint the best.

  2. LOL, sorry about that, been toying with my photo editor. Anyway, you can see better pics of Adam here: