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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gaming Heads 1/4 Lara Croft Review (Exclusive Edition - Temple of Osiris)

Having gone through a lot of different collections throughout my adult life; from Transformers to Play Arts Kai, to Hot Toys and what-not, there is this line i never really imagined i would be dabbling in, all those years ago. Though i'm not a complete stranger to it, Polystone statues are a whole new different ballgame for me, but I guess i just can't deny the fact that i'm a video game fan, first and foremost, which pretty much explains my long winding interest with Play Arts Kai figures. Now when it comes to figure collecting this is what most collectors would consider as the final process of the "evolution," IF you follow the path that i have. However, I cannot simply stray too far from my gaming roots and since THE Playstation 1 represented my generation, i am all too aware that in turn, it was also represented by no less than that legendary Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft.
I guess i don't need to introduce her anymore so i would rather ramble a bit more about my small, private adventure of trying to get 1/4 scale statues of characters (ideally, if there are any) representing each franchise i have a PS4 Platinum trophy in. Of course it is a given that i'll be getting the Playstation Icons first such as Lara, Kratos and Drake. It was a tough choice between the Gaming Heads Lara Croft and the Sideshow version but, in the end, i went for the classic, dual-pistol wielding version which, to me, characterizes the definitive version of Lara Croft. Indeed, this version is remarkable...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Play Arts Kai Cindy Review - Final Fantasy XV

I've been meaning to return to my reviews much earlier but a lot of things kept me from it (i.e. THE GODFATHER HOBBY SHOP, shift to statues, etc.) I missed reviewing Noctis and his boyband as well as Sephiroth and all the other solid Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy releases this past year or so. Sad to say they didn't make it past the photography stage.
Heck! I even failed to finalize a well thought-out reaction piece on Final Fantasy XV.
Well, it's just good to finally have an opportunity to do a review again...
I fell in love with the story of Final Fantasy XV though i, admittedly, judged the game based on character design way back before its release. Alas, i was wrong about it and funny to think that the "tragedy" was what made it stand-out for me. 
Sadly, I wasn't able to review the 4 main protagonists' respective Play Arts Kai releases so i'm trying to make it up by reviewing the game's "eye-candy" character: that blonde bombshell of a mechanic; Cindy Aurum.