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Friday, March 21, 2014

Play Imaginative Batman - Super Alloy 1/6 Scale

GUEST REVIEW: Well, this will mark the first ever guest review for the Angels & Summer blog. Right now i'm semi-retired from Play Arts Kai collecting and starting out with 1/6 Scale figures. Budget-wise it would be very difficult to review 1/6 figures regularly so i have to employ the help of my comrades. This particular review is a collaboration with Anton Aldon who actually owns this impressive die-cast figure.
It seems like every manufacturer feels as if we're still short on Batmen figures, with a wide variety of incarnations available in the market right now ranging from Video Games, Movies, Comics and Animated Series, it's difficult to secure your own niche and unless you are targeting Batman collectors exclusively you really have to come up with a version unlike any other. Well, for one thing, this heavily "armored" version is goddamn die-cast.