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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy Gabranth Review

It was never really part of my plan to complete the 1st "Series" of Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy. I am quite happy to get Cloud and Squall since i have played and conquered both FF7 and FF8 and i am thoroughly familiar with both characters. I have never really played FF12 and i am not familiar with Gabranth although i must admit i find his representation pretty b@d@$$. I thought it over for quite some time, made a background check about his character and role in FF12 and Dissidia and eventually he won me over: he's just too good to pass up and that armor certainly rocks!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures on the wall...

Just some random sketches on the walls of my old room, i never had the chance to finish them though. These are some of the most memorable characters , scenes and places for me. Sorry for the low-quality pics, i took these using my old cel's cam.I used a standard pencil on wall plaster, hehe.

 Rough sketch of Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings

Rough sketch of Liquid Snake and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Play Arts Kai Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 5 Review

I am a big fan of the Resident Evil (Biohazard) franchise and the PA Kai Chris Redfield is one of my main targets when i shifted to this awesome line. To be quite frank i am a tad bit disappointed with his figure although i am awed by the accuracy of the details as well as the uncanny likeness with his video game counterpart.
Chris comes in a very attractive box, well, for PA Kai who seems very into the minimalist approach. This time the packaging just screams “look at me,” the dark elements certainly added up to the effect.

Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Review

One of the most enduring characters in the Final Fantasy Universe is Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children. Having multiple incarnations already in various Play Arts lines, it is small wonder that he will also be a part of the 1st wave of the Dissidia Final Fantasy line of Play Arts Kai. Mixed reactions from fans clamoring the missing figures from the previous series (i.e. Barret, Cid, etc.) momentarily disregarded, it is plain to see why Cloud is ever present on the figure frontier: He's simply that famous and any version of his figure is a sure hit for hardcore and casual FF fans alike. I myself, admittedly, belongs to the latter, having played and conquered only 4 games in the series so far (FF6 up to FF9).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy Squall Review

Hi guys, just got this new figure from Play Arts Kai's latest line – Dissidia Final Fantasy. I never thought i'll be grabbing any of these “new” guys – well, they've been released before but on a smaller scale – but seeing hope for the other yet to be released characters/icons from the numerous Final Fantasy series I decided to take a gamble and start collecting this line...letting go of my Advent Children figures in the process since they are a bit small for my taste.

Play Arts Kai Dante - Devil May Cry 4 Review

Hello everyone, for my third review i'll be going over this awesome Devil May Cry 4 Dante figure by Play Arts Kai. This review is actually a request from a fellow PA Kai collector who i successfully BI'ed to get an Ezio figure.

Dante is the famous protagonist of the Devil May Cry series of video games though for the 4th installment of the series he was replaced by the new character, Nero, for a large part of the game at least. He was thought to be Nero's enemy at first but eventually teams-up with him as the storyline goes along.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Arts Kai Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed 2 Review

Most of the guys around here ( and know me as a TF guy but due to unforeseen developments i decided to shift lines and focus on...well...i wouldn't say focus because i'll be getting figures from whatever lines i find attractive from NOW on.
Well, a true blue "Collecteur sans frontieres" i shall be.
I discovered Play Arts and their highly-detailed, highly accurate figures that would pass for statues at first glance but unlike the DC Direct figures (which are, by the way, highly detailed as well) , the PA guys actually threw in a perfect balance of detail and articulation on their products. I myself would like a shot.

During my shift, one of the first figures that caught my eye is this mysterious guy over here. 

Play Arts Kai Jungle Camo Snake - Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker Review

The figure i'm going to review today is actually my very first Play Arts Kai figure and a very memorable character to me. I became a HUGE fan of the Metal Gear series when Metal Gear Solid first came out on the PS1 although i haven't really played the other games from the series (as for familiarization, i got as far as Snake-Eater and currently "watching" Peacewalker and Guns of the Patriots though i did skip Sons of Liberty)

To all those familiar with the series, you all know that this dude is actually the father of the equally well known series protagonist Solid Snake (and all the other clones of Big Boss - Liquid Snake, Solidus)