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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Revoltech Vic Viper Review

A very nice surprise greeted me at the office last Friday when i returned after an official business trip. Having seen the Revoltech Vic Viper online i must say i'm pretty excited to get my hands on one especially when i heard that he's going to have a semi-metallic finish, now that i gotta see on a smaller scale figure! You may notice the darker pics i'll be using for this review. That's actually a technique to somehow capture the metallic finish of Vic - something that i hope i achieve to some extent. To Kyle, Harvey and Gladwin of Arigatoys / Revoltech Philippines; you guys are Awesome! Oh, ctach Vic on the following "hangars" if you please:  Big Boy's Toy Store, Filbar's, Metro Toys, Play Giant, New Haven PH.
After a 2-year stint of collecting robots (Transformers) i've considered myself retired from the genre but having seen this guy up here, i can now safely say that i haven't fully outgrown robots, mechs, gears, or in this particular case an LEV or a "Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle."

Friday, July 19, 2013

Play Arts Kai The Joker - The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy Review

I got my Play Arts Kai The Joker figure i bit late than usual, considering this is one of the most anticipated and, as proven later, most sought after among the latest Play Arts Kai releases. Late review but nonetheless justified and timely since Greattoys Online (where i got mine) will be restocking both he and Play Arts Kai Anne Cat-haway later this month. A gleam of hope for those who are still missing the two from their collections and having to deal with the hype and grossly overpriced items being peddled by re-sellers and hoarders. Greattoys Online pegged them at somewhere between 2.5K-2.7K Php so make your reservations now.
Originally, i intended to bash the hype claiming that this Joker is on par with the Hot Toys version which is an absurd, over-your-head claim. He's NOT, by the way, so quit the comparison. They each deserve their own recognition and respect and the Play Arts Kai The Joker stand out in his own way.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Revoltech Raiden Preview!

This just in from Revoltech Philippines, seems like the prototype that Hideo Kojima hinted at some weeks back is this guy...
Nice, i guess, nothing to see here...carry on...wait a that Jack? Damn! so Revoltech is really serious with the Metal Gear series. Imagine the playability, poseability and accessories on Revoltech Raiden. Another highly anticipated figure for both Revoltech and Metal Gear fans. Can anyone say Solid Snake? I know you could!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Revoltech Danboard Preview

I've been seeing this 'cute' character for the longest time even before i got into Play Arts Kai and stuff. Though i, admittedly, not familiar with the "Yotsuba & !" series i find this little guy very interesting, as a mascot for pictorials perhaps or even your very own figure avatar. I personally find him a 'fresh' (and very welcome!) break for Play Arts Kai collectors like me. I'm hoping to have one when he gets released on August.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Play Arts Kai - Philippines Trading Group Rises!

The Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group set up a display during last month's Toycon @ Megamall and it's a huge success. Props to my fellow administrators and members for the very impressive display. A TV appearance c/o Anjo @ ABS CBN hopefully gave birth to an instant celebrity. He and his brother Bernard secured the space for our group.I contributed 3 figures from my personal collection, by the way; White Raiden, Cyborg Ninja and Kratos. Play Arts Kai MGS series particularly look damn good behind that glass cab...even from a half a mile away. It's great to meet other members of the group. MORE PICS AFTER THE JUMP.