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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Play Arts Kai Batman Variant - DC Universe

Like i mentioned on my teaser post at Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group, i fully understand that the latest Play Arts Kai Batman incarnation needs no more introduction being one of the most hyped and anticipated figure for the year. And though i hate the hype I must agree that he didn't disappoint. Perhaps one of the best PAK releases thus far though i wouldn't go as far as brand him the NEW "King of Kais," and for good reasons...well get to that later.
Packaging is one of the finest we've seen from SQEX and though i'm not a fan of the cover flap system the custom artwork stands pretty impressive on display. The inner flap art looks good as well, looks like we have an anime Bruce Wayne in our hands.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Play Arts Kai Raiden Blue Custom Body - MGRR

Well i'd like to consider this acquisition a birthday present to myself. I'm quite happy already with my Regular and White Play Arts Kai Raidens so i'm not really gunning after the other colors. But as fate would have it, i came across a rather interesting post @PTK (to me at least, my wallet doesn't share the same sentiment though, what a bummer!) and i must admit i succumbed to an impulse buy...and here he is...damn...
Needless to say i'm compelled to complete the whole set. Oh, by the way, thanks a lot to Markwin, the founder of One Sixth Republic for hooking me up with Blue Jack.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Revoltech Jinouga Blademaster - Monster Hunter

Is it just me or is Revoltech getting stronger with each new release? Being new to the line i simply can't help but be impressed with the line-up and they just keep pouring it on.

I must say that when i first saw pics of the Jinouga/Zinogre Blademaster i really love to get my hands on one and do a review. The guys of Revoltech Philippines actually made that wish come true and it's an honor doing this review for them though I'll be honest, i never played a Monster Hunter game back in the heyday of PS2, now i heard they have a Wii-U exclusive which means i'll never get to play it as well. Oh well, at least i got this damn fine looking b@d@$$ over here...