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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Play Arts Kai Batman - Guide to the BEST Batman figures

As another boredom deterrent, i conducted a survey @ Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group regarding the BEST Play Arts Kai Batman and...errr...what was that? Why Batman? Well, to date, Batman is the most "Represented" figure in Play Arts Kai, he's got a lot of versions to rival or even surpass Play Arts Kai Raiden or the old Play Arts Sora figures. What's more impressive about that is that Recolors are strictly optional novelties in the Play Arts Kai Batman's gallery. Every new releases are, mostly, unique versions of the fabled Dark Knight. And of course, HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN! That's why...

Excluding the Black and White SDCC Arkham Asylum Batman, Arkham City Batman and the TDKR Metallic Baleman which didn't get any votes, here's how the Play Arts Kai Batman versions fared according to the local PAK fans.