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Monday, March 09, 2015

Play Arts Kai Yuffie Kisaragi Review - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

I don't usually do a really, really late review like this but since SQEX seems hell-bent on completing (crossing my fingers!)  the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Kai line i might as well do a little bit of backtracking most especially if we're doing a review of one of the characters with a rether solid fan base such as Yuffie Kisaragi here. Also, i'm hell-bent as well on using more of that Fist-bite Rating System designed especially for Female characters.
This thief/kunoichi here is one of my least favorite characters in the Final Fantasy universe but i perfectly  understand her popularity, well, for one, she's very attractive (by fanboys standard i must say!) and she's got a kick ass weapon, albeit impractical and more likely to decapitate your hand/fingers than your opponents.