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Thursday, September 25, 2014

ThreeA Emile 1/6 Scale Review - HALO: Reach

GUEST REVIEW: This just in, well, he actually came before Logan downstairs but know...anyway, this review is from my good friend and most prolific guest reviewer Anton. I'm surprised he got this but then i think he's really dedicated to the ideal that we should not run out of figures to spend our money on, so here he is; ThreeA 1/6 Scale Emile from HALO: Reach, which is, as far as i know, a pretty old game already though i must admit the last stand of the Noble Team was pretty bad-ass. *** Anyway, means i'm sharing my insight or just randomly spewing out trash to add length to the review.
Strike 2 Anton, no box pic again. Emile here and that PI Batman. Next time ok? OK?
*** Emile here is one of the more popular characters of the HALO: Reach game, i remember having the Play Arts Kai version of Emile way back. I was not able to review him but he's pretty impressive, well, for a small scale PAK at least. Imagine how good he will be packed with details and superior paint apps then you get the idea of the 1/6 Emile figure. Ok, i'll shut up now and let Anton take it away...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hot Toys The Wolverine Review

I really don't get why collectors aren't exactly big on you Bub! For sure out of the 3 Wolverine figures released so far by Hot Toys this version's got the best headsculpt, an uncanny (Ha! Uncanny!) resemblance to Hugh Jackman, if i must say so, the titular character in this Wolverine movie...i lost count which part this is since all X-Men movies are basically Wolverine featuring some X-Men members, or so they seemed to me... Anyway...
...before i go on rambling i'd like to thank Arturo of Hot Toys & Sideshow Market FB Group for Logan and Anton for playing the part of Hermes...LOL. Look it up Bub!
Anyway, Logan's experiencing some serious price drop these days, i dunno, maybe they overstocked him! Or the movie isn't that great to begin with, but hell, he's still THE Wolverine. A great time for collectors to join the mix i think, after all, he's a pretty good figure.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Play Arts Kai Superman / Supergirl Review - DC Variants

GUEST REVIEW: I was surprised and delighted to find this review in my PM today. Well, the style will be a first though i tried using this same method for my old PW reviews way, way back when i started with PAKs. It's very time consuming so i appreciate the effort very much Ryan (the MOS HT debacle is now settled, LOL). Anyway, let's give it up for Ryan and his eye-candy review of the new Play Arts Kai Superman and Supergirl figures from the DC Variants line. *** once again denotes my personal comments.

*** and i'm flattered to find out he's into excessive lighting like me...
***The new DC Variants arrived with much fanfare and there is no stopping them. I've seen most of the new releases and though some are visually unimpressive i must admit there are some really, really good ones. You be the judge of these two...anyway, i was asked to edit this review but i wish to keep it's charm, plus, i hate to waste some of the pics so i'm using Ryan's title page...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Play Arts Kai Punished Snake (Sneak Preview Ver) Review - The Phantom Pain

Ok, we have another review here, i hope this one's not over-late comrades: The SDCC 2014 Exclusive - Sneak Preview version of Punished Snake for the upcoming MGS game The Phantom Pain, the sequel of Ground Zeroes. But first things first, I'd like to thank Bryan for letting me review this figure. I was looking forward to bashing it by the way...LOL.  
 First time i saw this figure online my reaction was "WTF?! SQEX?!" seriously, who wants a 'Mime/Street performer' Snake variant anyway? Jeez guys, you didn't give us a Jetstream Sam figure and now you're giving us this Heisman Trophy replica? F#!k it! The Bronze finish is very unappealing, i don't understand who would love this color. Bronze? Why not Gold and be done with it?! After all, a Bronze medal finish is below Silver and Gold. Why not Platinum? Yeah i'd go for that. Needless to say, i am not excited to review this when Bryan offered me one. But then i have nothing better to do anyway so i'm giving it a shot...

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Play Arts Kai Snake Review - Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

I've received some requests for a review of the latest Play Arts Kai Snake (Big Boss) figure so that kinda perked up my interest to do one. I initially have no plans of doing it since I don't think i'll be going back to PAK MGS, but that was another story. There was once a time i couldn't imagine missing out on this particular figure. Credits to Bryan Erickson Suguitan and Josh Chua for the Snake figure.
For one thing, i haven't played the new game and was only able to get information regarding the story from other sites. Story is pretty good IMO, well, what do you expect from MGS? If you can get past the twist and turns and names and events you have a hard time remembering you get into more convoluted plotlines and unlikely scenarios...and i love them. Ground Zeroes was set a few years after the Peacewalker plotline and pitted the MSF against the Skull Face-led XOF. We get Paz again who survived the events of PW together with Chico, Huey and of course Kaz plus a ruse by XOF to blow up the MSF Motherbase. Well, read the entire story somewhere else, me got a figure review...

Play Arts Kai Rorschach Review - Watchmen

GUEST REVIEW: I recently met a customizer from our group Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group and he offered to do a guest review for the brand new Play Arts Kai Rorschach figure. He's not expected anytime soon here in the Philippines so this one's rare treat. I'll give the floor to Francis PaƱgan (DEVIANT ART Gallery), and oh yeah, *** indicates my comments but seeing that even the captions were provided by him i feel i'm in for a long spell of silence in this review. LOL.

What’s up people?! I is Francis and today I’mma be *guest* reviewing the Play Arts Kai : Watchmen – Rorschach figure!

Rorschach (pronounced roar-shack), alter ego Walter Kovacs - to those of you who aren’t familiar with this character, is from the DC Watchmen comic universe. He doesn’t have any superpowers. Like Batman, he is just a guy fighting crime with a mask. What makes him different from Batman however, are his methods- this guy doesn’t hold back – he will kill if he believes the end justifies the means. I am not really a fan of the movie or the comics but I purchased this guy online for some custom PAKs later.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Play Arts Kai Edward Kenway Review - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

I just got my hands on an Edward Kenway Play Arts Kai figure from Assassin's Creed courtesy of Big Boys Toy Store, regardless, i'll be doing a pretty late review of the figure. Now i haven't played any of the new Assassin's Creed games, i lost interest after losing Ezio to a heart attack back in Embers and not really a fan of Edward's grandson Connor for some reason. Anyway, Edward James Kenway is an incidental Assassin, more attuned to piracy than anything else. Greedy of wealth, morally ambiguous and cruelly ambitious, he was a rather interesting anti-hero, well, based on what i've read about him. And oh yeah, he's a goddamn identity thief also.

As for EJ's Play Arts Kai incarnation, i was surprised how good it is, well, knowing what an eye-candy the Play Arts Kai Ezio was back in ACII. It was a choice between Connor and Edward but i eventually went for Edward and i'm happy i made the right pick. For one thing, personally, i think he's a clear-cut candidate for a slot at the TOP 5 Play Arts Kai figure for 2014 countdown.