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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gaming Heads 1/4 Lara Croft Review (Exclusive Edition - Temple of Osiris)

Having gone through a lot of different collections throughout my adult life; from Transformers to Play Arts Kai, to Hot Toys and what-not, there is this line i never really imagined i would be dabbling in, all those years ago. Though i'm not a complete stranger to it, Polystone statues are a whole new different ballgame for me, but I guess i just can't deny the fact that i'm a video game fan, first and foremost, which pretty much explains my long winding interest with Play Arts Kai figures. Now when it comes to figure collecting this is what most collectors would consider as the final process of the "evolution," IF you follow the path that i have. However, I cannot simply stray too far from my gaming roots and since THE Playstation 1 represented my generation, i am all too aware that in turn, it was also represented by no less than that legendary Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft.
I guess i don't need to introduce her anymore so i would rather ramble a bit more about my small, private adventure of trying to get 1/4 scale statues of characters (ideally, if there are any) representing each franchise i have a PS4 Platinum trophy in. Of course it is a given that i'll be getting the Playstation Icons first such as Lara, Kratos and Drake. It was a tough choice between the Gaming Heads Lara Croft and the Sideshow version but, in the end, i went for the classic, dual-pistol wielding version which, to me, characterizes the definitive version of Lara Croft. Indeed, this version is remarkable...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Play Arts Kai Cindy Review - Final Fantasy XV

I've been meaning to return to my reviews much earlier but a lot of things kept me from it (i.e. THE GODFATHER HOBBY SHOP, shift to statues, etc.) I missed reviewing Noctis and his boyband as well as Sephiroth and all the other solid Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy releases this past year or so. Sad to say they didn't make it past the photography stage.
Heck! I even failed to finalize a well thought-out reaction piece on Final Fantasy XV.
Well, it's just good to finally have an opportunity to do a review again...
I fell in love with the story of Final Fantasy XV though i, admittedly, judged the game based on character design way back before its release. Alas, i was wrong about it and funny to think that the "tragedy" was what made it stand-out for me. 
Sadly, I wasn't able to review the 4 main protagonists' respective Play Arts Kai releases so i'm trying to make it up by reviewing the game's "eye-candy" character: that blonde bombshell of a mechanic; Cindy Aurum.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Sniper Wolf Review

I'm not into Bishoujos from the Kotobukiya line since they look too anime-ish for my taste. In the past, my one and only review for a Kotobukiya Bishoujo figure was that of Tekken's Jun Kazama. But last year i was surprised with a teaser for this character and the hype engine's wheels began to turn: 

I'm a big fan of the Metal Gear line: Play Arts Kai, Hot Toys, Gecco, (and no, i'm not too big on the McFarlane version a decade or so back). You name it! One needed only to backtrack here to check out all the Metal Gear characters i've accumulated and reviewed over the years. We've been aching to get a good version of Sniper Wolf since Play Arts Kai started churning out Metal Gear Solid figures and though we failed on that account, i believe we just got the next best thing.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Play Arts Kai Spartan Batman Review - Timeless Variant

Alright, late review, again. Uploaded the pics about a month ago i guess but only found time for this write-up. Anyway, if you're a Batman fan i'm pretty sure you have this one already so you can probably skip this one and wait for that awesome (based on pics) Bushido variant coming very, very soon. But for now, this is the BEST Batman PAK Variant in the market today.

Been reviewing Play Arts Kai Batmen since SQEX decided that he should be the Sora of the PAK line and i've seen a lot of ups - Arkham Asylum, DC Variants, Wild West; and downs - Arkham City...well, you get the idea. Normally, we'll expect the character to be a bit stale already but, hell, this is BATMAN we're talking about. In fact, Bats is just hitting his Prime on the PAK line. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Play Arts Kai Black Widow Review - Marvel Variants

Wow, i just saw this pending review when i opened my Blogger. Been away for too long it seems. Anyway, Miss Romanoff/Romanov here is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity after being portrayed by that beautiful, beautiful demi-goddess Scarlet Johansson in the ultra-popular Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man series from the Marvel Cinematic universe. The Play Arts Kai figure though, being a variant, leans more towards the comic side - a bit anime-ish actually if you ask me - thanks to Hitoshi.
I am unsure of how far Play Arts Kai is taking their Marvel Variants line since there are no longer announcements regarding the rest of the Avengers such as Hulk, Vision, etc. I'm pretty damn sure though that Natasha here is one of the sexiest PAK figures around...

Monday, February 01, 2016

Play Arts Kai Man on Fire Review - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

(*ME, talking off camera) Am i supposed to give a SPOILER ALERT warning? What for? Oh, alright...
If for some reason you've been living in a cave for a decade then you would have no idea who this guy is. Either you're a doomsday conspiracy enthusiast who went underground for fear of a nuclear winter back in the 90's or you're a bat - whichever one, it doesn't explain why you have internet access, but anyway... Metal Gear Solid fans caught the scent the moment this bad-a$$ MF made his presence known in the trailer...  

This mysterious adversary has been chasing Medic Snake (Oooops! too late, Spoiler!) relentlessly in the game like a much more flame and steroid-laden Nemesis and/or Tyrant though he's definitely much harder to bring down, well, unless of course you're living near a steady water source... something missing in the jungles of Africa during that mission wherein he'll screw up with your Gunship if you're gonna be too sissy to neutralize him first before attempting to board. And oh yeah, we tried sending him to Mother Base via that cool balloon...

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Play Arts Kai Boba Fett - Star Wars Variants

Ever noticed that only Star Wars baddies have Play Arts Kai Variant figures? Well, anyway... I haven't enjoyed playing with a PAK figure for a long time until the arrival of this Mandalorian armor clad Bounty Hunter. Despite his unceremonious demise, well, i dunno which is canon or not in the Star Wars Universe but i saw his resurrection in some comic series or something, anyway... Boba Fett is/was definitely one of the coolest characters in THIS fabled saga. Honest opinion: He's the BEST among the Star Wars releases for PAKs though he's not as hyped as Lord Vader.

The clone and adopted son of the legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett, Boba is drawn to take revenge on Windu after his father Jango fell against the Jedi Master. Failing to do this, he eventually converted to full-time bounty hunting primarily for the Empire, most notable of which is his capture of Indiana Jones and his aforementioned accidental death (?)  caused by a blinded Solo (due to his carbonite freezing) in one of cinemas' stupidest offing of a really cool villain. 

Boba Fett? Where?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Play Arts Kai Predator Review - Variants

I was surprised no one is getting all hyped up with the Play Arts Kai Variants Predator figure, but considering the numerous awesome Play Arts Kai releases for 2015, it's damn easy to be overlooked, especially considering the fact that he (it's a HE right? i haven't got the slightest clue on their gender and i'm afraid to look) came out on the Variants line when the market is saturated with demands for Metal Gear Solid, DC, Marvel and Final Fantasy Kais. It's gonna be a tough job to hype him up but here goes nothing...

The Return of the "FLASH"...Live with it... - a tired photographer/reviewer
This one ugly mothef#!ker has stood the test of time ever since that 80's action flick starring that guy from Jingle All the Way (*reference in keeping with the Season! YAY!) and easily one of the most recognizable character/monster in all of movie history. With the various incarnation in almost all the major toy lines, i'm half expecting he'll eventually make it to Play Arts Kai.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TOP 10 Sexiest Female Play Arts Kai Figures

Well, looks like it's that time of the year again for the beach, the sun and viewing sexy wom...errr...sorry wrong introduction. 
I'm supposed to write about the TOP PAKs for 2015 because tradition, even if it's tedious and repetitive, is still tradition. However, this article is just too good to pass up. You can ask Comrade Mikhail, he pushed me to write this because if there's one thing that Comrade Mik likes more than vodka, it would be sexy, sexy figures...and i'm not too sure about the vodka part. So here's a toast (of alcohol and what-not) to the Sexiest Play Arts Kai figures released thus far as voted by members of The Convergence Brotherhood and Play Arts Kai Philippines.

#10. (Tie) Catwoman - Arkham City, Harley - Arkham City and Yuna - FFX

Everyone's undecided, eh? Well, expect to see a lot more "Ties" beyond this point. Catwoman was a favorite of mine and i agree with Harley of Arkham City being the sexiest Harley PAK. Those skin tight leather suits are hot. I'm kinda expecting Yuna to be higher in the rankings though, being aware of the FF fanboys everywhere. Believe me, my god they're everywhere! 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader Bootleg Spotted

ATTENTION COMRADES: We're having a disturbance in the Force. We've received reports of a bootleg Darth Vader from the Play Arts Kai Star Wars Variant line in the local bootleg haven. We're yet to see the actual differences, i.e. paint job, durability, smell, etc. but we do have pictures of the serials from both boxes. With the PAK Darth Vader price tag soaring into utterly preposterous heights i suggest you familiarize yourselves with these to avoid being duped. 

- Larger Font
- Evenly Engraved

Pic courtesy of Jhun Dela Roca

Monday, October 12, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Maul Review - Star Wars Variant

Wow, the Play Arts Kai Star Wars Variants are really becoming very interesting. We just had Lord Vader a couple of articles down, that Bounty Hunter and, of course, this fearsome Dathomiri Zabrak warrior...or was it Dathomirian?...ehhh, whatever. Just careful not to attract the ire of die-hard Star Wars fan, they can be very finicky if you know what i'm saying and by the Force! they are everywhere. 

That proves very well indeed for the Star Wars Variants, i heard they are steadily increasing in price and demand these days. Well, at least for the SW and Pop Culture poster-boy Darth Vader, still i'm quite confident that Maul would follow suit. Also...ehhh...what is a Dathomirian Zabrak? They are a race in the Galaxy, the result of a hybridization between humans and Zabraks. And yeah, it does sound like Zebra, i dunno if that is connected but the first time i saw Maul in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace he looks like a zebra to me for some weird reason. Just thought i mention it. Anyway...

Before anything else, thank you Clandestine toys and The Convergence Group for the Play Arts Kai Darth Maul figure. We're opening some more POs for upcoming PAK figures very, very soon so stay tuned. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Play Arts Kai Venom Snake - Sneaking Suit Version Review - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

On a previous article, i shared my reactions to the much hyped Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain game so i would assume that we are all familiar with this character already and what he's all about in the game. I guess i won't be needing to add SPOILER ALERT Warnings here anymore, right? I mean, come on! It's been a month or so already, don't expect to see Big Boss from Snake Eater, or Peacewalker or Ground Zeroes... ALRIGHT? Alright!
Hey, this review is made possible by my new vehicle CLANDESTINE TOYS via The Convergence Brotherhood, and yeah we sold a lot of this figure. Hit me up if you're looking to Pre-Order the new/upcoming Play Arts Kai figures.
Pic Courtesy of Kevin Constante since our (mine and Bryan's) pics suck. lol

Don't get me wrong, i love the game though not as much as its contemporaries and i love "Venom" Snake (cough, cough, cough), he's a vital part of the Metal Gear canon (Hello Metal Gear 1, we haven't forgotten you!) and also, i simply love this figure. Check these out...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 10 Reactions

We've just recently conquered one of the "Most Anticipated Games" for 2015, which may very well be the Swan Song for the Metal Gear series by Legendary Creator Hideo Kojima. I was personally expecting for it to go out in a blast worthy of  a "nuclear winter" but, sadly, it did not. Less than 30 hours within the game you'll no doubt be voting for it to be "Game of the Year." Gameplay, intrigue/story and graphics wise it is a hands down winner, the visuals alone are extremely phenomenal.

But further down the road it becomes less and less interesting and more tedious that you'd just want for the entire story to unfold so you can figure out what the hell is going on. As expected it is still a masterpiece but it is far from perfect and i'm wondering that, perhaps, the MGS franchise wasn't exactly going to end here and i hope the great Hideo would take us for another ride sometime in the future. Knowing a bit of how "THE MAN's" brain operates, it is entirely possible that the falling out between him and Konami was all a promotional stunt...very manipulative if you ask me, but then, he's the one who thought up "The Patriots" after all.

(***NOTE: The following observations, praises, reaction and rants reflect the author's PERSONAL OPINION about various elements in the entire game so of course SPOILER ALERT***)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Pre-Order for Play Arts Kai NOW OPEN @ The Convergence Brotherhood

The Convergence Brotherhood Group on behalf of Clandestine Toys is now accepting Pre-order for the following Play Arts Kai figures. Click LINKS above for more details.

You can place your Pre-Order HERE

Friday, August 07, 2015

Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Review - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Hello everyone, Franchesca here. First things first, when Jeri approached me to do this review, I was hesitant seeing as I try to stay away from reviewing articulated figures (My initial reaction to such things can be summed up in three words: "It moves, yay!"). However, due to his persistence here we are. Do let me know if the format doesn't work for you so I can change it in the future. Now, let's begin, shall we?

Note: This is a picture-heavy blog.

Obligatory box pic to start the review.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader Review - Star Wars Variants

I was genuinely surprised when they first previewed this figure especially when SQEX  announced that it would be in the Variants line. Lord Vader here has been the face of science fiction and Pop culture in general and there is no way you can change his appearance without raising an outcry. Well, maybe i was just overreacting, having little knowledge about the Star Wars fanbase. lol. Anyway, this Outdoor Review 2/2 was made possible by Big Boys Toy Store.

I don't think i need to introduce Darth Vader anymore or his role in the Star Wars saga, which actually saves me a lot of time doing this kinda late review. We all know how he should supposed to look like anyway: black helmet with wheezing mouthpiece, black suit with a 70's science fiction control panel in front (buttons, switches and HAL9000 light bulb), black cape and that awesome, awesome red Lightsaber.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Play Arts Kai Robin Review - Arkham Knight

It's been a while but damn right i have a bunch of reviews coming in starting with the "boy wonder" over here. I got him from Big Boys Toys Store by the way and i believe they still have some units available in their Glorietta 2 and Greenhills branches. Anyway, this is my first "outdoor" review and, possibly, the first time i'll rate a MALE Play Arts Kai figure using the "Fist Bite" system. LOL
And if you're there during the review checking out my pics YOU'LL KNOW WHY, haha, right Bryan?
I haven't played the new Arkham game: Arkham Knight so i don't know Robin's full role here but I do know the identity of that so-called "Arkham Knight." Anyway, let's proceed...