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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy Gabranth Review

It was never really part of my plan to complete the 1st "Series" of Play Arts Kai Dissidia Final Fantasy. I am quite happy to get Cloud and Squall since i have played and conquered both FF7 and FF8 and i am thoroughly familiar with both characters. I have never really played FF12 and i am not familiar with Gabranth although i must admit i find his representation pretty b@d@$$. I thought it over for quite some time, made a background check about his character and role in FF12 and Dissidia and eventually he won me over: he's just too good to pass up and that armor certainly rocks!
Gabranth or Noah fon Ronsenburg (now that's a name!) is the second main antagonist of Final Fantasy 12 according to his Wiki entry. He's actually the twin brother of one of the main good guys, Basch, and the Judge Magister of Archadia (whatever that means it still sounds cool!).

Out of the box we get a nicely detailed sculp-errr...figure. The paint applications are well done compared to my Squall and Cloud. The metallic effect is absolutely gorgeous this time around since he's in bigger scale than the previous Gabranth figure.
The accessories / weapons included are still modest though i must say their details are excellent as well. You get a couple of extra hands and of course his Chaos Blade (the longer one) and the Highway Star (the shorter sword) which can be combined via their hilts.
His cape doesn't have articulation (Dante-esque) but i just love the detail and color though it's a hindrance when doing some poses. Another problem is that his elbow guards tend to become loose and hinder his elbow movements. They are not permanently attached by the way so you have to twist and turn them if you wish to pose the elbow in a certain manner. His shoulder armors are also a nuisance when you are turning his helmeted head since they are quite large and hit the horns in his helmet.

Gabranth is the tallest from the line so far, here he is with Squall and Cloud. It's a good thing for me since he's more in scale with the other taller releases from PA Kai. He's nearly as tall as RE5 Chris Redfield and about a head shorter than Big Boss. I got my Gabranth at Great Toys Online for 2.6K+ cash (SRP is 2.8K).
Are we done yet?
He'd look mean wielding an electric guitar
Overall, he's the best in the Play Arts Kai Dissidia line so far IMHO. Excellent details, scale and paint apps made up for the articulation. IIRC, he's also the lone representative of FF12 in the Dissidia game so that's another reason to get him. I definitely saved the best for last.

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