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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Play Arts Kai Batman - Arkham Asylum Review

Ok, let's make it simple, when you come across a Play Arts Kai Batman from Arkham Asylum...
Yes, this one indeed.
...selling at lower than SRP (i.e. 3.7- 4K), GET HIM! If you are a fan of the Arkham Asylum game, GET HIM! If you are a Batman collector, GET...oh well...i don't think i need to tell you that. There is a good reason he's selling like hot cakes right now, most shops who got their first shipment of Batman sold him out pretty quickly. Aside from being a really famous character with a large fan-base that transcends toy lines, the Play Arts Kai Batman is really good. He's not perfect, but, well...we'll get to that in time. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play Arts Kai Lawrence Barrett - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Ok, time for another "back" review, i've been considering getting a Play Arts Lawrence Barrett from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the longest time but with the 1st release going price of Play Arts Kai figures these days, it's a no brainer that i passed him for other more famous figures (Super Street Fighter 4; et. al.). I was finally able to get him for an "On-Sale" price hence this review.
Lawrence Barrett, if i remember correctly, is the first of the 3 augmented mercenaries that the main protagonist Adam Jensen will have to defeat in the game. He's a member of the Tyrants, the group responsible for the attack that left Adam with cybernetic augmentations.