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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Super Street Fighter 4 Akuma/Gouki 1/6 Scale by Kids Logic

GUEST REVIEW: Anjo Singson, one of my comrades from Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group recently acquired this awesome 1/6 Scale Akuma/Gouki figure by Kid's Logic and it is an honor that he chose to grace this blog with an early review. Oh, i'll be adding some brief commentaries of my own as indicated by an asterisk *, by Anjo's leave of course. Take it away Singsonmeister. 
First time reviewing a figure soooo. *Nazi's f#!k off - let Anjo do his thing.
As requested by Mr. Jose Antonio Aldon, this is a “BI” review of the “new challenger” in the 1/6th Scale action figure trend --- Kids Logic.
(And I think this Akuma is the 1st male Street Fighter made in 1/6th scale)