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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Play Arts Kai Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid Review

Play Arts Kai Solid Snake - FINALLY, after a very stressful couple of weeks i finally got him. A 100% authentic one if i must say. I'd like to mention this also: 44 posts even before the actual review?! WOW! guys, thanks for the patronage. Ahem...Here's Snake by the way:
The real me is no match for the legend.
Well i guess this guy needs no introduction anymore, you won't be here reading my review if you are not familiar with the legendary Solid Snake in the first place. If i am not mistaken the only other action figures of Solid are created years ago by McFarlane and Medicom so the Play Arts Kai version is understandably highly anticipated. Anyway, Solid Snake is my favorite video game character of all time. Thought i just mention it...

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja - Gray Fox Metal Gear Solid Review

When i first saw the Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja - Gray Fox pics on the web I had goosebumps all over thinking about the path that Konami and Square-Enix is currently taking with regards to their Metal Gear Solid line. We've got Fox right now, Solid is due later this month, Meryl not far behind and we've also seen the unpainted model prototypes of Solidus and Raiden; it is evident that the great people on both sides are really doing their best to bring us the characters that we definitely wanted to see. And, additionally,  "Kojima Kami Nandesu" indeed.
"That's good Snake, do you remember me now?!"
Gray Fox or Frank Jaeger is the only Fox-Hound operative to ever be given the codename Fox because of his skill in the battle-field. He's got a love-hate relationship with Solid Snake, sharing an ally-enemy-ally-enemy kind of camaraderie with him though ultimately sacrificing his life to help Solid defeat Liquid piloting Metal Gear Rex on Shadow Moses. I love the new packaging they employed for this new line. All along i was expecting a dark box typical of the theme used by the Metal Gear Solid game for the PS1 but i was surprised to find a rather minimalist box design for Fox. Take note also of the 25th Anniversary sticker on the lower right side.