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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 10 Reactions

We've just recently conquered one of the "Most Anticipated Games" for 2015, which may very well be the Swan Song for the Metal Gear series by Legendary Creator Hideo Kojima. I was personally expecting for it to go out in a blast worthy of  a "nuclear winter" but, sadly, it did not. Less than 30 hours within the game you'll no doubt be voting for it to be "Game of the Year." Gameplay, intrigue/story and graphics wise it is a hands down winner, the visuals alone are extremely phenomenal.

But further down the road it becomes less and less interesting and more tedious that you'd just want for the entire story to unfold so you can figure out what the hell is going on. As expected it is still a masterpiece but it is far from perfect and i'm wondering that, perhaps, the MGS franchise wasn't exactly going to end here and i hope the great Hideo would take us for another ride sometime in the future. Knowing a bit of how "THE MAN's" brain operates, it is entirely possible that the falling out between him and Konami was all a promotional stunt...very manipulative if you ask me, but then, he's the one who thought up "The Patriots" after all.

(***NOTE: The following observations, praises, reaction and rants reflect the author's PERSONAL OPINION about various elements in the entire game so of course SPOILER ALERT***)