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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Play Arts Kai Kazuya Mishima - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The Tekken franchise lost it's hold on me over the years, but man, was I a fanatic back in the day. Though i do hold the controller again once in a while i never really used Kazuya (i'm a Ling Xiaoyu guy by the way). I read though that he won the latest Tag Tournament of The King of The Iron Fist. To me, Kazuya is to the old Tekken games what Ryu is to Street Fighter and  I wouldn't miss him for the world. Besides, everybody loves a good anti-hero.
The Tekken line of Play Arts Kai took quite a while to get here after the convention previews last year. Kazuya and his ex-lover Jun Kazama graced the initial wave and i do hope they continue making the rest of the Mishima/affiliates line - Jin, Heihachi, Lars, Devil Jin, For one thing, the Play Arts Kai translation of Kazuya is pretty impressive indeed...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Play Arts Kai Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

My brother (*i only have 1 brother back then) and i got into the Playstation craze back in the mid 90's and one of the first games we've ever played was, predictably enough, Tomb Raider. It's a pretty revolutionary adventure game back when side-scrollers still sell and 3D Polygon is a new thing. The game's heroine, (back when girls are only in the game to be saved  and/or annoy the hero) Lara Croft, has always been a favorite of mine and her striking visage is deeply rooted in fond memories of late-night treasure hunts on old Roman ruins, deep sea dives in the Atlantic and trekking through snowy Himalayan peaks. Unsurprisingly, when the seemingly stagnant franchise did a reboot of the game we decided to (re-)jump (into) the bandwagon.
It was an excellent game indeed and, since EIDOS is now under SQEX, we know it's only a matter of time before they do a Play Arts Kai version. And truly she did not disappoint, somehow...

Monday, April 08, 2013

Play Arts Kai Robin - Arkham City Review

While waiting for the lovely, rebooted Play Arts Kai Ms.Croft and the Kazama-Mishima couple i decided to (lowers voice in shame...) present this very late review of the Play Arts Kai Robin from Arkham City. I'm quite surprised that little Timmy here is pretty hard to find locally while the more popular, albeit lesser (quality-wise) version of Bruce is still running rampant at the local gaming store. 
The only logical conclusions i can draw are, 1-one, most collectors are sticking it out with their Arkham Asylum Batmen over the AC Bats and, 2-two,  see number 1-one. LOL. Seriously, there are more Batmen options than Robin so i guess that's that. It took me a while to locate him also and it went down to the last 2 pieces i can find about a month ago.