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Friday, April 22, 2016

Play Arts Kai Black Widow Review - Marvel Variants

Wow, i just saw this pending review when i opened my Blogger. Been away for too long it seems. Anyway, Miss Romanoff/Romanov here is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity after being portrayed by that beautiful, beautiful demi-goddess Scarlet Johansson in the ultra-popular Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man series from the Marvel Cinematic universe. The Play Arts Kai figure though, being a variant, leans more towards the comic side - a bit anime-ish actually if you ask me - thanks to Hitoshi.
I am unsure of how far Play Arts Kai is taking their Marvel Variants line since there are no longer announcements regarding the rest of the Avengers such as Hulk, Vision, etc. I'm pretty damn sure though that Natasha here is one of the sexiest PAK figures around...