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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Play Arts Kai Isaac Clarke - Dead Space Review

"Good men mean well. We just don't always end up doing well." So sayeth Isaac Clarke, the main protagonist of the Dead Space series who recently debuted as a Play Arts Kai figure. Now, all those following our group @ Facebook - Play Arts Kai Philippine Trading Group - know well enough that i am not familiar with this guy and, honestly, i haven't played a single Dead Space game. Relating it to Clarke's words of wisdom, i mean well with this review - i just hope i don't screw it up... after all I was just encouraged to do this one by a fellow group admin who's really into Dead Space - yes, i'm referring to YOU Anton! This was supposed to be a live review during our group's TOYCON exhibit but having a lot of things going on i'm gonna submit another late review.
You must pardon me if the pics aren't exactly that sharp since i'm using a weaker camera on the exhibit area that time. I just hope to do a quick rundown of what this figure has to offer. Coming from a non-DS3 fan i sure do hope i won't be biased.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Revoltech Snake Review

You know, sometimes it pays to have that certain kind of guts (and confidence) to drop a certain company a letter asking if they'd be interested to sponsor your blog. Though i am aware that this blog is kinda very niche and therefore not that heavy when it comes to traffic, i had the cheek to email Arigatoys (Revoltech Philippines) if they would be interested to sponsor my Revoltech reviews... and there are times when the gamble pays off. This will be my first Revoltech review and i'm glad that i'll start with a beloved character from my favorite video game line.
Harvey, Kyle and Gladwin, this one's for you guys.
Indeed, that's Naked Snake donning his sneaking suit. Very appropriate since he's basically the progenitor of the Metal Gear series and this time he's the 1st MGS figure for the Revoltech Yamaguchi line - which was designed by famed sculptor Yamaguchi (gotta check his first name though).

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Play Arts Kai Raiden White Version - MGRR

Ok, here we go, this review took some time since i'm at the start of a career transition period or, in less fancy terms, "i ain't got access to blogger yet" in my new job/office, lol, if ever i get one. I'm not into exclusives as i may have mentioned before though whenever i get the chance then why the hell not? After all, the wisdom of old Play Arts collectors quips that the Play Arts Kai Raiden is the "new Sora."

I originally intend for this to be a video review but after a bout with a bad cough i got too L-A-Z-Y to do it so let's stick with the basics. I also prefer writing things down real time instead of preparing a script, rehearsing or any other bulls#!t. Every other reviews done up to this point were created using that technique. Anyway, I was taken aback a bit by his price tag but then, he's an exclusive so what do i expect? I may have to sacrifice the upcoming Play Arts Kai TDKR figures at the moment. So if i fail to review The Joker and Catwoman on time we all know who to blame...