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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Play Arts Kai - TOP 10 PAKs of 2014

I've let go of the Play Arts Kai line in general to shift to a different scale but i must admit i'll always be a goddamn PAKer at heart. It isn't that difficult to enjoy or appreciate the Play Arts Kai line, even if in my case, from afar.
Cover Pic designed by JC of Sephtimus 
This "Unofficial" TOP 10 of 2014 article reflects the result of a survey i conducted in our local group "Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group" so some figs that are HOT elsewhere may not exactly be HOT here in the local scene. Ahem, without further ado, I present to you the TOP 10 Play Arts Kai figures of 2014.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SHFiguarts Gokou (Regular) - Dragonball Z Showcase

I don't think i need to introduce this World-famous Saiyan any longer. One of the greatest anime hero ever created from one of the greatest anime ever produced. I've seen other versions of Gokou in this particular line but this one takes the cake since this is the "Regular" edition or the basic and most well-known form of this Japanese Superman. Anyway, this would be the last SHFiguarts review i will be doing for
Props to a good friend Carlo Rogelio Silverio for these awesome shots. I wouldn't be able to top your shots man. 
I understand that this version is a web exclusive and knowing how meteorical the prices for these figures rise i expect him to hit absurd prices in the future. Unless of course they will not stop reissuing him, a very good thing for would-be collectors.