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Monday, July 20, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader Review - Star Wars Variants

I was genuinely surprised when they first previewed this figure especially when SQEX  announced that it would be in the Variants line. Lord Vader here has been the face of science fiction and Pop culture in general and there is no way you can change his appearance without raising an outcry. Well, maybe i was just overreacting, having little knowledge about the Star Wars fanbase. lol. Anyway, this Outdoor Review 2/2 was made possible by Big Boys Toy Store.

I don't think i need to introduce Darth Vader anymore or his role in the Star Wars saga, which actually saves me a lot of time doing this kinda late review. We all know how he should supposed to look like anyway: black helmet with wheezing mouthpiece, black suit with a 70's science fiction control panel in front (buttons, switches and HAL9000 light bulb), black cape and that awesome, awesome red Lightsaber.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Play Arts Kai Robin Review - Arkham Knight

It's been a while but damn right i have a bunch of reviews coming in starting with the "boy wonder" over here. I got him from Big Boys Toys Store by the way and i believe they still have some units available in their Glorietta 2 and Greenhills branches. Anyway, this is my first "outdoor" review and, possibly, the first time i'll rate a MALE Play Arts Kai figure using the "Fist Bite" system. LOL
And if you're there during the review checking out my pics YOU'LL KNOW WHY, haha, right Bryan?
I haven't played the new Arkham game: Arkham Knight so i don't know Robin's full role here but I do know the identity of that so-called "Arkham Knight." Anyway, let's proceed...