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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Play Arts Kai Robocop 1.0 Review

OK, back to basics, i didn't expect that i'll be reviewing another Play Arts Kai figure but here he is courtesy of Sean of Big Boys Toy Store. To be quite honest about it i kinda miss doing these reviews. A big, big thanks also to the loyal supporters of the blog who's been pestering me to do another PAK review. This Play Arts Kai Robocop 1.0 is for all of you.
Unfortunately, i haven't seen the new movie so i'm not going to do a background storytelling right now. I do love the classic movie though...errr...until he removed his visor, i got turned off with the bald guy underneath. LOL. On with the figure comrades...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hot Toys War Machine MARK II Diecast Review

GUEST REVIEW: This review for the Hot Toys War Machine Diecast is long overdue, i'd like to apologize to my comrade Uzi Enriquez. This was suppose to come out more than a full month back but i've been away and busy with non-toy related matters. Uzi's one of the new converts to the Dark Side, so to speak, on the bright side i ain't using your real name here comrade, LOL, so there.

In order to keep it simple, and upon's Uzi's request, i'm gonna go with my ramblings while he lists down the Pros and Cons of the figure. I'm betting you know well about Col. Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine so i'm skipping the long introduction, go watch the first 2 Iron Man movies to refresh your memory... Ahem...done? Good. 

For starters, the box is pretty awesome like the rest of the MMS, not really familiar with the others since i'm a VGM guy but the packaging looks really nice especially the inside styro-tray that looks like an engraved stone.