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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Play Arts Kai Chun Li - Super Street Fighter 4 Review

After my Play Arts Ryu review i think one could suspect this one not far off, being very impressed with how the ultimate Street Fighter series poster boy turned out i'm looking forward to doing one for the series' poster girl or should i say, "The First Lady of Fighting Games". Unlike Ryu, the first time i saw pics of the Play Arts Kai Chun Li i am impress with the overall looks and aesthetics of the character, believing that she may be the best Chun Li figure ever released so far and much, much better than Play Arts Kai Ryu. When i got her i am happy to say that i got ONE of those statements on the mark. 
She indeed is the best action figure incarnation of Chun Li so far but is she better than Ryu? Well, let's find out shall we...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Play Arts Kai Ryu - Super Street Fighter 4 Review

This article will mark the first time that i would review a figure that i am really hesitant to grab at first, being unimpressed by it, but after getting my hands on one i would reverse my judgment. A great thanks to Mr. Malvin Lim of Greattoys Online for the sample, i really enjoyed doing this review.