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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toycon 2015: The Convergence Brotherhood, Play Arts Kai Philippines, Chopsuey Toy Collectors & Hot Toys and SideShow Market, Grand Meet-up

I have no words for this year's Toycon @SM Megamall, i'm semi-retired from collecting after all, haha so i'll be posting pictures instead and putting captions which is a lot more fun than reviewing figures. Anyway, for the 3rd straight year Play Arts Kai Philippines display rocked, Chopsuey Toy Collectors joined the fray with theirs while PSEC's diorama of Midgar looks awesome indeed. Oh, congratulations to PSEC for their 5th Year Anniversary. They had a separate meet-up the night before but common members attended the "Grand Meet-up" during the 20th. Rounding up the roster would be HTSS and my main vehicle right now, The Convergence Brotherhood. My sponsor Big Boys Toy Store provided the main prizes for the raffle by the way. Anyway, i'll shut up now and just post pictures...(note: if the pics are without credits and they suck those are mine
Photo courtesy of Cheski Caram, atop high heels.