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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Play Arts Kai Solidus - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Review

You know, you don't always get the chance to grab a Play Arts Kai figure of a President, the 43rd President of the USA in this particular case albeit a fictional one. Therefore, i am honored to introduce to you,  Mr.George Sears or better known as Solidus Snake. Former US President, in fact, the youngest one at 28 years old but largely due to the influence of The Patriots, a prominent figurehead on Mt. Snakemore in Shadow Moses,  instigator of both the Shadow Moses and Big Shell incidents, Raiden's (Jack's) mentor, creator of "Dead Cell" and the "Perfect Clone" of Big Boss. Now beat that, other US Presidents...
And therefore should be addressed as Sir... 
Touya of FFM speculates the meaning of those 2 blind areas...2 upcoming PAKs?
Play Arts Kai Solidus Snake is also the most elaborately packaged and most expensive Play Arts Kai 'human' figure released by SQEX so far. His box is actually bigger than the DMC3 figures though it's much more simpler (i.e. no flaps, back story narration, etc). Didn't think i'd get one but since Greattoys Online is currently keeping their prices highly-competitive here he is and boy, oh boy, he's a very. very impressive figure indeed.
Solidus Snake is the main antagonist of MGS2: SOL and i'm surprised that such a lavish figure presentation was first given to a 'villain' but just D@mn! look at that massive exoskeleton and that loaded arsenal. He's packed with everything that the previous Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai figures can only wish for and more.
OK, i dare you not to call him SIR...
You get a pair of P90 Rifles - a seemingly lazy version of Snake's FAMAS but still, a pair? His trademark Daisho (which wikia helpfully explained to me is a Katana and Wakizashi combo) cleverly named 'Minshuto' (Democrat) and 'Kyowato' (Republican). Very timely indeed for the election season. Last but not the least you get the extension of his exoskeleton suit with 2 "Snake Arms" that acts as a high-tech Swiss Army Knife in the game. His mouth guard is removable (i.e. the front piece of his collar) as well as the default chest armor piece. To top it off, he's got 3 pairs of interchangeable hands and for the first time in memory, the instruction sheet actually helped me figure something out. 
Solidus doing a Karate Kid stance...
Also, for the first time, i got a figure with excellent paint apps. I did not see any paint or sculpt issues on my Solidus, guess i just got lucky though the 'Snake Arms' chest plate on mine get detached on certain poses. I had to remedy it with double adhesives just so they wouldn't fall off when he's leaning forward. The overall sculpt is excellent and the metallic finish is way better than the Grey Fox figures (both Red and Regular). His legs are sturdy enough probably because of the ratchets on the joints. 
I must admit, that crotch-piece looks a bit awkward...

The fine details on his suit and head sculpt are also nicely done and the armor's pretty realistic though i wish they allowed the 'Snake Arms fingers' to open and close instead of merely holding a pose. The face of Solidus is also very similar to Big Boss as he should be though definitely older.

The sculpt of his legs is very similar to the Battle Dress Version of Snake which kinda limit his movements but i'm glad they gave him the 'Dissidia' hinges on the arms to make it more versatile with poses. The most common drawback though is he's very top heavy and usually topples off without a stand or at least a support when doing some poses. When doing regular ho-hum poses though his balance is actually pretty good for a heavy figure.
His scale is consistent with the MGS line. It's a misconception that he's the biggest MGS Play Arts Kai figure so far but apparently that's not the case. I too was fooled by his scale, Solid and Grey Fox are actually a bit taller than him. His 'Snake Arms' and heavy metal made him look bigger.

Price is almost twice the price of a regular Play Arts Kai figure but even with the issues thrown in I say he's still worth the price tag. He's one of if not the BEST MGS Play Arts Kai figure out in the market right now as far as sculpt and paint apps are concerned. Greattoys Online still got a few going for 5K Php, i believe he'll be gone soon so better decide NOW.
Now SQEX, be nice and give us Ocelot and Liquid pretty please?

PLAY TIME!!! Some of the pics are inspired by the shots of Mr.Tyler Edwards of FFM.
Now we'll see which armor exoskeleton did DARPA got right

Innocence: If you can look at this and not take it out of context.
I really should change dentists...Hmmmpppphhh
Solid Snake: Damn it Jeri! When you brought that box home i knew it was trouble!


  1. Saw a pic in flickr of a possible bootleg Solidus.

    1. thanks, Touya of FFM brought that to my attention as well. Looks like overruns, they are being sold loose in China.

  2. Solidus is now available in Datablitz.
    Just wanna ask you if Datablitz sells legit Play Arts since they sell it P500 cheaper than other legit stores?

    1. yup, they are legit. I'd like to mention though that Greattoys Online price is also the same. I prefer getting my stuff from GTO since 1) they are my sponsors 2) the owner is a good friend of mine and a great guy 3) you can choose from the stocks available. i did so since i'm kinda OC when it comes to boxes/packaging quality.

  3. Jeri how much is Solidus from Greattoys? thanks

  4. Got mine today looks great!
    Just a heads up The robotic arms DO rotate from the shoulders at the second black part so you can have them reaching down his back like in the game but they are VERY tight.
    (i noticed you still have them sideways on all your pics)

    1. yup, was afraid i'll break them so i kept them that way during the pictorial. COngrats on getting George.

  5. I've Noticed a little issue in the center sculpt between the the 'Snake Arms' chest plate, righ above the "US ARMY" words like it was damaged or something, but when i got mine (I live in Brazil) I saw that mine's bears the same issue, as if it is an "standard issue" present in all figures.

    PS: Sorry about some erros in my English, I'm a little rusty, LOL

    1. Hi Robson, you got good eyes man. Yeah, i noticed it just now, i think that comes with the mold so every Solidus probably have that issue. Let's take that as a sign of battle wear and tear.

      p.s. no prob about your English, it's only my second language as well (I'm Filipino)

  6. Just got my solidus today, It arrived so fast it almost took my breath away. Hes freaking huge!! Soo freaking flawless even the box is thicker than the others due to his weight but wow im soo happy to have him. Raiden is next if i can even find him in stock anywhere.

  7. hi jeri if the box doesnt have serial numbers, is it considered a BL?

    1. sorry for the late reply bro, well, not exactly. The old FF13 Play Arts Kai line doesn't have those so the serials applies to the new lines only. Basically it's form the newer lines the serials are a must. be careful though since they already figured a way to fake the serials. check out my post on here about the bootleg Dante.

  8. Is the 25th sticker glossy? I know that the solid snake has i matte finish but i just want to know about the solidus figure thanks