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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play Arts Kai Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

As promised on my Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake review here's Play Arts Kai Lightning, or rather her Valhalla Knight edition from Final Fantasy XIII-2. I also mentioned in my previous article that since this is a late review already (slacking off as usual, i'm so ashamed) i'll treat this more of a showcase.

After the events of Final Fantasy 13, Lightning was freed from her l'Cie crystal stasis and brought to the Historia Crux. She was later given this new outfit on the temple of the goddess Etro in Valhalla where she became the protector of the goddess against Caius Ballad. I haven't played the entire game so i'd probably stop there - Spoiler Free. Let's go check out her new outfit and arsenal...
Lightning's new outfit is a suit of armor granted to her when she arrived at Valhalla. Her gunblade is also modified to make it look a lot more like a traditional sword while the Etro script is also present below the blade and on her small shield. She also comes with a couple of extra hands and that lovely collectable instruction sheet. The details on her armor are quite accurate with the game. Take note of the golden bird on her chest plate, it is placed exactly where her necklace used to be. That feathered sash adds a nice contrast to her armor and it reminds me a lot of Rinoa in Final Fantasy 8. Squall Leonheart also wears a similar material on his pants.
While i greatly appreciate Lightning's new attire since it's a very traditional swords-and-sorcery look, the older Final Fantasy games come to mind; i find certain parts to be cumbersome when doing and holding some poses for the figure. The pointy parts in her armor i.e. knees and elbows limit some movements while the sash, very nice though it was, hinder some of her leg movements. I'm having problems with her feet also since they freely move to weird angles while posing. Her small hand is also having trouble holding and lifting her gunblade, not sure if this is an isolated case though.

The overall details are good on some while lacking in some departments, specifically her shield. I find it the dullest inclusion in the figure, they should have made it more interesting. I expected a lot more details since the figure is already very small and the accessories/weapons are also lacking, perhaps a stand or something just to make up for the large empty space inside the box and for displaying purposes.
While the balance is not bad, it's still pretty weak for a small figure in scale with the older Final Fantasy Play Arts figures. Indeed, she shares the scale with the older Clouds, Squalls and Tifas though her price tag is definitely from the new Play Arts Kai line. That's a bit ouch for a 6-7 incher. However, if Square-Enix is sticking to this scale for the Final Fantasy line then i think it's a good business move and reason enough to get this lovely Lightning incarnation.
Should you get her? You should if you are a Final Fantasy fan and if you are a fan of the older Play Arts line. Be very careful though since this figure is already bootlegged, try checking out Greattoys Online where i got mine, their stocks are authentic. However, if you are budget conscious as i am and wished to get more bang-for-your-buck stick to the larger Play Arts Kai figures.
I also mentioned on my previous article that i got this figure partly for this reason, and i'd like to post it again if you don't mind...


  1. Lightning is a great figure, I'd say the best of the Play Arts Kai line. A must have for sure. Nice pics!

  2. This is my first Play Arts figure and it's an adventure because we went through a lot of shops and malls from Greenhills to MOA just to find her. We found her at our last stop, datablitz MOA branch (didn't know they now sell PAKs). I got the display model, meaning she's the last one lol ^^

    For collectors, I advice you that you get her fast, she's selling like hotcakes!

    1. GTO's still got both FF13-2 Lightning and Serah ON SALE. Cheaper than the ones in Datablitz IIRC.

    2. When I went to GTO Greenhills that day, Lightning XIII-2 ver. is out of stock.
      I got her with cash discount for approx. Php2,100 from DB. After that, I've heard of this sale, I said to myself "what the!?" lol