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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Play Arts Kai: The Top 5 Most Overrated Figures of All Time

I recently did a survey in our group - Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group, regarding what my comrades there believe as the 5 MOST OVERRATED PAKs ever released. I have my personal take actually but i wish to get input from them to be fair. I certainly received a lot of picks and, though i may disagree on some, there are inputs that actually changed my personal take.
First let me define Overrate (general term), courtesy of Webster's Learner Dictionary:
over·rate Listen to audio/ˈoʊvɚˌreɪt/ verb
over·rates; over·rat·ed; over·rat·ing
[+ obj: to rate, value, or praise (someone or something) too highly
 The coach tends to overrate the players on his own team.

— overrated adjective [more overrated; most overrated
 (disapproving) That movie was disappointing and highly/very overrated.
Applying that to the context of Toy/Action Figure Collecting: Overrated figures are those figures who get more attention or praise than what they actually deserve and/or figures that everyone's looking for/and will pay insane amount of money to acquire even though, in reality, they are simply not that good (discounting all the PAKs that are generally panned by fans). Most of the time these figures are way too overpriced though i want to point out that being overpriced isn't exactly a sign of being overrated. Also, it is also different from being just a terrible figure(like Superman) or those with lots of QC issues. I'm afraid some missed the meaning of my query...
Soooooo...with that out of the way, let's get started. (In NO particular order...)

#1 - Play Arts Kai Raiden - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - The Exclusive Variants

Don't get me wrong, i love the Play Arts Kai Raiden, he's generally considered the best PAK for 2013 but no figure need that many straight up re-colors/variants. Take it from a collector who completed all 5 colors of Raiden, some of them aren't really worth getting and 1 or 2 variants would have been enough - a Jetstream Sam figure would be more welcome than a Red Custom Body or a Yellow Custom Body IMO. Collectors still flock to complete the 5, however, for their rarity and the prestige they will bring to a display. Unless you are a crazy MGS PAKs fan like me i see no reason why you should go hunting for those overpriced Variants. Talk about milking the mold...

#2 - Play Arts Kai The Joker - The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy
The hype was good while it lasts and it significantly died down now but during his first release last year, The Joker was one of the most sought after PAKs. There are even some who hoarded a few pieces and sold them for profit afterwards. Though i love the figure and was also caught up with the hype, there are absurd claims by stupid people that justified the inclusion of this figure on the overrated list. To keep it short: NO, the Play Arts Kai The Joker is not as good as the Hot Toys Version so shut the hell up.

#3 - Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja - Metal Gear Solid

Don't hate me, i'm a huge Metal Gear Solid nerd just like you and though i love Frank Jaeger i don't think he is "THAT" essential in a Metal Gear Solid Collection, most especially "IF" you are going crazy hunting for the "Hunter" because every other MGS collector you know already got one. Definitely, he's not worth 10K+ (roughly 220$+) for me. As good as the Cyborg Ninja is you can always get the 3 clones of Big Boss together with a Naked Snake figure and be happy with your MGS PAK Collection. That perception can still change though if Cyborg Ninja (or his child-self) would make an appearance on the upcoming MGS5 game. But for now here he is...

#4 - Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed 2
I hear bristling wrath and held back words of condemnation but believe me the Play Arts Kai Ezio is pretty overrated. He's my 2nd PAK ever and i tell you even back then i was surprised how poorly articulated he was compared to my first PAK (Jungle Camo Snake, my 3rd, 4th and 5th are Chris redfield, Dante and Nero respectively). The details and accessories are absolutely gorgeous no questions about it (hell! his design trumps even the new PAKs) but in all other aspects: balance, poseability, playability, durability he's a disappointment. Price is pretty hyped also IMO. i find the figure akin to a static one since i never played with Ezio. He still looks awesome on display though.

#5 -  Play Arts Kai DC Variants
If thoughts are bullets i believe i should be donning a Kevlar suit set and hide beneath a fortified bunker. This is a PERSONAL PICK guys so it's just my opinion. Relax fanboys. It's a choice between this and the Arkham line but Arkham is supported by a damn good video game and nobody hyped any of the figures from their PAK line anyway except for the vertically-challenged AA Batman (which is pretty good design-wise by the way) 
The DC Variants line is one of the main reasons why a lot of collectors converted to Play Arts Kai last year, but do i need to repeat that they do not exist outside the realm of Play Arts Kai? An Injustice line would be pretty much more official IMO and the DC characters there are more or less closer to their Classic looks. Batman is good and it seems like they will be milking his mold (Red Variant), GL is pretty underrated and Wonder Woman's ultra-hot though if you look closely the finished product looks nothing like the eye-candy prototype. I see a lot of collectors ride the hype during their release only to sell them again afterwards. Unless you are a big DC fan i think these won't hold your interest for a very long time. Another reason is the heavily hyped release of the others: Superman (got a Black Variant also), The Flash, Cyborg, Bat Girl, Super Girl, etc. I could be wrong since they are just 1 Video Game or Comic Book adaptation away from being part of an official story-arc. But until then i would hold on to my judgment. 

The survey also brought to light other issues about certain hard-to-find PAKs that are generally perceived OVERRATED, either by fanboys, bitter collectors or just plain haters but let me take the opportunity to break it down why i do not think they are overrated at all...
1. Play Arts Kai Solid Snake - Sure it's HTF and OUCH! That Price Tag! but he is the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid. If you collect Metal Gear Solid or is a true fan of the game/franchise wouldn't you want to have him? Would you let him go and just collect Liquid, Meryl, etc? 
Referencing to other lines, would you collect the other Transformers and skip on Optimus Prime? Would you collect Final Fantasy 7, 8 then skip on Cloud and Squall (don't be a smartass if you are just a fan of 1 character from the series like say: Sephiroth. I'm talking about general collectors)
2. Play Arts Kai Lightning (Lightning Returns) - you're crazy to call her overrated for the same reason as Solid. Also, she's the only figure from the LR line so far so if you are not a fan you don't need to have her in your collection. Price - new release so still reasonable, Likeness - awesome based on on the actual video game character, Everyone clamoring to get one? - No, only true Lightning fans and i'm yet to hear an exaggerated claim about her = She's not overrated.
3. Play Arts Kai Captain Harlock - He's a niche figure like the Cowboy Bebop guys, how can you be overhyped if you're a niche fig?
Share your thoughts below or join our discussion @ Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group


  1. Play Arts Kai gets a high score because of its Slick figure. Hot Toys are much better for Details and other aspects but they doesn't look Bad Ass like Play Arts Kai does. It's like looking at a Gorgeous faced actor/actress vs Slick fashion Model. If you want some Details, you can go for Hot Toys always, but I just prefer looking at them from far and feel like they're doing SOMETHING just like they do in movies and games. So Play Arts Kai fits that purpose, and maybe some other guys would appreciate it too. That's why they are still selling.

  2. I think its because the DC COMICS our a lot popular than other computer games. If PAK gets the license of MARVEL and decided to do a new design of its characters even if not a comic or movie related ones still fans would swarm on this kind of figs.

  3. Where can i buy a Play Arts Flash? I need it for my godchild. Tnx

    1. check out this group man

  4. Where can i buy a Play Arts Flash? I need one fory godchild. Tnx