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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Play Arts Kai: The TOP 5 Most UNDERRATED Figures of All Time

A couple of posts downstairs i presented a list of the TOP Overrated Play Arts Kai Figures as perceived by Yours Truly and by the collective opinions of my comrades @ Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group. Since the article is pretty much what a niche blogger would consider a success, i decided to do it again, but this time i'm trying to point out those PAKs that nobody really give much heed or attention to though they are, actually, really, really good figures. I'm not going to define UNDERRATED, seems like everybody got the term right for this one. I'm trying to win one for the "little guys" this time, so, without further ado, let's get the ball rolling...

#5 Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake - Uncharted 3 & Gabranth - Dissidia Final Fantasy

I too was disappointed with the Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake the first time i saw him but mainly because of his scale and not about the dirty finish on his face, i mean, come on, have you even played Uncharted 3? Check out how dirty looking Nate is during the final area or even on the promotional artworks? His arsenal isn't too shabby either and is actually 1 gun more than the usual for PAKs. Nate's in perfect scale also with Ms.Croft, a couple of legendary adventurers on display sounds good to me.

Tough luck for the Judge Magister to be released in the same wave as SQEX poster-boy Cloud Strife and Emo heart-throb Squall, nobody really paid him attention at the start though his awesomeness eventually became known. Simply put, he's the best of the 3 from the PAK Dissidia Final Fantasy line, but not enough love from the FF fanboys.

#4 Play Arts Kai Nero - Devil May Cry 4

If someone says Devil May Cry who's the first character that will pop in your head? If you say Nero, congratulations, you never played the earlier games in the series. LOL. Seriously, Nero was still readily available (MISB) by the time Dissidia and Deus Ex came out, to think he was released a year and a half earlier than those 2. This upstart possessed swordsman PAK was just as good as Dante but not as famous, even though, he's technically the main protagonist of DMC4. Scale, design, sculpt = very good. Weapons = even better!

#3 Play Arts Kai Adam Jensen - Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Garrus/Female Shepard - Mass Effect 3
Lawrence Barret and Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen is one of my favorite PAK figures in terms of playability but then he's part of a rather forgettable line-up (Deus Ex: Human Revolution together with Yelena Fedorova and Lawrence Barret) from a, sadly, forgettable line. His scale is also a bit-off, somewhere between SSF4, Dissidia and RE5 though his built is leaning towards the skinny side. Like what i mentioned on my review for him years ago (yeah, the one with the crappy pics) if, design-wise, he's created in the same scale as the MGS PAKs then he's going to give the PW figures a run for their money. I still stand by that statement.

 (Pics above courtesy of
Oh boy, it's difficult to defend the Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3 line since they gave us "THAT INFAMOUS" Commander Shepard but, that shitty figure aside, Garrus and the Female Shepard figures are actually good.
I rarely see a fellow PAK collector who actually completed the ME3 line but it is small wonder when the main guy of the series is badly f#!ked up. Too bad, you're missing on a couple of very nice figures.

#2 Play Arts Kai Kazuhira Miller - Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker

Nobody's buying Kaz when he was first released, mere bandwagoners would wonder "Who is that?" then proceed to get the 3 versions of Naked Snake. Are you kidding guys? If you've played, at the very least, MGS for the PS1 you will have an idea who Kazuhira Miller is. Imagine, goddamn Solid Snake, getting tips and instructions from this guy even calling him Master Miller (though in truth that's just Liquid in disguise! Congrats, you only waited 15 years to have that spoiled!). Kaz's body sculpt isn't that good though his scale is consistent with the MGS figures. His face sculpt though is pretty consistent with his in-game counterpart. However, what makes him stand-out is his 2 accessories: an extra pair of Aviator shades as well as an alternate MFS masked head. With the brilliant MGS releases that followed suit, everybody's now out on a hunt to get Kaz.

#1 Play Arts Kai Kratos - God of War 3 
Calling out the collectors who blasted the Play Arts Kai Kratos before, going as far as claiming that the NECA version is much better...are you guys out of your f#!king mind? Paint apps of the PAK version alone is far, far superior from the other Kratos figures (NECA, DC Direct) even with that dirty shade on his face thrown in. Poseability and playability of the PAK Kratos is unmatched by other versions of this bad-ass Spartan. Body sculpt, details (i.e. Golden Fleece Armor, bracers,etc.), and Weapons design are actually very good. Even better than those of newer PAKs IMO. Sure the face is a bit tamed, looks like it was taken during one of his "Ho-Hum" moments when he's not slaying gods and massacring their minions...or boning maidens and goddesses, LOL. Scale can be forgiven since Kratos is meant to stand-alone anyway, he's not created to be displayed with your DMCs and MGS figures boys so leave the God of War alone.

So there you have it folks, my take on the most UNDERRATED PAKs. I bet some of you are even kicking yourselves for not getting them when they are pretty cheap and unwanted. It's ok, i can even help you out with that, just drop me a PM here, i'll figure out how to kick you.


  1. I love this post. I agree on all of,these figures. I once was about to buy female Sheppard but she sold out badly. And kaz miller is difficult to find. Especially with my fear of a,bootleg.

  2. I really hope still can buy cheap nero :(

  3. Just placed my order for Miller. He's surprisingly cheap for a PAK. I've paid more for NECA figures!