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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Play Arts Kai Cindy Review - Final Fantasy XV

I've been meaning to return to my reviews much earlier but a lot of things kept me from it (i.e. THE GODFATHER HOBBY SHOP, shift to statues, etc.) I missed reviewing Noctis and his boyband as well as Sephiroth and all the other solid Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy releases this past year or so. Sad to say they didn't make it past the photography stage.
Heck! I even failed to finalize a well thought-out reaction piece on Final Fantasy XV.
Well, it's just good to finally have an opportunity to do a review again...
I fell in love with the story of Final Fantasy XV though i, admittedly, judged the game based on character design way back before its release. Alas, i was wrong about it and funny to think that the "tragedy" was what made it stand-out for me. 
Sadly, I wasn't able to review the 4 main protagonists' respective Play Arts Kai releases so i'm trying to make it up by reviewing the game's "eye-candy" character: that blonde bombshell of a mechanic; Cindy Aurum.

Come on, let's face it, Cindy is an NPC that is basically fan service though i must say she's pretty handy to push the story along and when you got your Regalia stuck somewhere...or if you're too lazy to drive back to a safe area. Being an NPC we don't really expect her to "pack" much...errr...accessories...i think that came out wrong. 
Anyway, she's got some tools she can toy with and a nifty toolbox and, well, that's about it. Oh, she does have a small basket/pouch (?) where you can place her tools. 

What's really nice about her though is her likeness to the game model, she's easily one of the more recognizable non-playable characters in the Final Fantasy universe in recent memory. From her trademark yellow racing jacket, denim short-shorts, cowboy boots that just screams "Howdy!", her peeking bikini, her mesh cap and her blonde curls, the PAK rendition truly hits the mark.    

If there is one thing though that i don't like about her is that her facial expression is pretty bland. It was too serious for the flirty Cindy we met in Hammerhead. I must confess, i had Noct take a picture of her during our first meeting...well, you know, for posterity... Hey! i never really knew back then that she'll be having a recurring role in the game, by the time i rolled to the final few chapters i think i've seen enough of her.  That eye-candy charm has really lost its hold.
Ok, ok, i have one more gripe about her which i'm kinda hesitant to mention, her short-shorts sometimes tend to fold beneath her thighs when you bend them in the groin area. If you have one do check it out, just make sure nobody's watching you.
Full disclosure, i'm not a big fan of blondes but Cindy's a nice PAK figure to have especially if: 1.) You're completing all known official releases of FF Character Kais, specifically FFXV or 2.) You collect hot female PAK characters, exactly someone i know, and yeah, i'm referring to you Mik. Also, I actually have a 3rd Reason but i'd like to keep this blog PG13. 

Personally, i think she's one of the best PAK female characters to date though i must admit she's not exactly a must have. I kept one for display since i have some nice pieces to accompany her (like PAK Quiet from MGSV and PAK Aranea) but she couldn't really stand-alone or create a really big "Wow!"factor in your display. Although, she's better than the Lunafreya figure in my opinion, her stock will definitely fall against the superior Aranea PAK. 

And for those reasons, i give her:

 out of 5 Fist Bites

To be fair though, here are some extra shots of Cindy. Enjoy!

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