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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Play Arts Kai Dante - Devil May Cry 3 and 4 Comparative Review

I first read about the release of Play Arts Kai Dante from Devil May Cry 3 @ FFM...uh, yeah, that's the more famous version of Dante with the man-bra and sculpted abs...and i'm a bit perplexed, thinking if i should let my awesome Devil May Cry 4 version go. It got worse when i saw that he's packed with all the weapons of DMC4 Dante + 1.
Fast forward months later, i got him together with his twin, Vergil, and decided to do a comparative review instead of my standard review for Play Arts Kai figures. This will mark the first time i'll be doing this so please feel free to add more info and provide constructive feedback. 

The packaging is a lot different since a lot more accessories and weapons are included. The DMC3 boxes are equivalent to almost 2 regular sized Play Arts Kai boxes. They also have the cover flap with a nice creative representation of the characters. Although the DMC3 packaging are definitely more attractive than the DMC4 figures i still find the box too bulky and space-consuming. 

This is where the DMC3 Dante clearly edged out the DMC4 version. They basically have the same weapons, Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory but DMC3 also got Nevan. I'm not really a fan of it but i must concede that it's a really nice addition for display purposes. I'd like to mention also that DMC3's Rebellion is a bit longer than the DMC4 version though it's a bit softer and the paint job isn't as good. 
The pegs on the hands and holes on the weapons are also gone from the new version and that's a welcome improvement. You can interchange the hands by the way and avoid breaking the pegs on DMC4's hands.

Ok, here's where the DMC4 version still holds a clear advantage over the new Dante. I mentioned on my Play Arts Kai Dante - DMC4 review before how awesome the DMC4's paint job and details are and i still maintain my position. The aesthetic design of the DMC4 Dante is still superior versus the new one, not to mention, a lot more handsome as he's supposed to be and his face actually exhibits (half smile/half smirk) an emotion unlike the frozen generic stare of the DMC3 version. He beat the new one on the costume details, paint job and  face sculpt. The DMC3 Dante's got parts that aren't even painted, check out his man bra, paint is present only on the visible areas. Try lifting his coat and you'll go "WTF?!" SQEX got a bit L.A.Z.Y. while painting him it seems.
Check out the paint job as well as the texture of the coat. I don't really like the shiny coating on the new Dante compared to the 1st one though his coat is thicker. I do love the holsters though, the DMC4 version could really use those. 
The skin tone is lot more realistic also on the DMC4 Dante and minute details are well painted.  Try enlarging the pic above and you'll know what i mean. Notice also the fine finish on DMC4's hair

DMC3 Dante's squeaked out a victory here but it's really too close to call. His advantage are the ball joints that are not present in the older Kais allowing him to be more versatile with his poses. He also got the 'Dissidia' hinges on his arms that allows him to hold Rebellion with two hands.
DMC3, however, cannot hold Rebellion with one hand without difficulty. This time the ball joints are to blame. Check out the pic below. Balance is a small victory for DMC4 Dante but since it's advisable to use stands for posing them (ala Revoltech) it's a small issue.
DMC3 Dante's coat articulation is a lot better also, again, ball joints. His legs can also hold other poses which DMC4 cannot due to the ratcheted ball joints on his groin area.

To sum it all up, i say that it's a close battle but, personally, i still prefer the DMC4 Dante as the essential Dante to have in your collection for the overall design and rarity alone. Although i really love the things they improved/added on the new Dante most especially the inclusion of an additional weapon, the interchangeable hands mean that the old Dante can also wield the new one's weapons diminishing the latter's accessory advantage over the old Dante. Articulation and poseability is not a big factor for me unless there is really a considerable advantage but since i go all creative with poses even minus the stands i can manage well enough on the ball-joint-less Dante. I am also not too impressed with the new ones face and that to me is very important since we're talking about Dante here. His trademark looks go side by side with his attitude. However, i understand that DMC4 is rare nowadays, i wouldn't mind recommending the new one especially if you are a long-time DMC fan and more attuned to the old design of Dante.


  1. Nice comparision! Would love to buy them both but I can only currently afford one and since I technically have a Dante from 4 already, I went with Vergil instead.Will have to see it in person to really decide...

    Not sure if you know but in regards to the 'man bra' there is a reason why it's not painted completely around the torso and from a design point of view it is a bit slack on play art's part. As far as I know, design-wise, Dante's holster straps are actually supposed to thread through his jacket so a better design would have just been to make it a part of the jacket than paint it on. Yeah it would have cost more to make but it would have looked better! Keep up the great reviews!

    1. thanks bro, i just find the unpainted part ridiculous though i agree that they should have integrated that part to his jacket instead.

  2. NICE ! I wanna have this na, anyhow sir magkano mo ito nakuha ? planning to get one @.@

    1. Got this from Greattoys Online for 2.8K each bro.

    2. 2.8k !? WOW. gonna get one na sir. thanks for the info ! your review really inspired me to get one :) more power and God bless ! keep the reviews coming sir !

  3. Good Day ! I would like to inform you, sir Jeri Reyes that there are "Class A/Bootleg" copies of both Dante and Vergil (Saw one at Divisoria) as I've inspected, the ones in the Divisoria store lacks certain paintjobs --- notably at their clothes, and their weapons. They also have eyes that are not very painted well --- blue cornea overlapping over the iris. Be aware that also, the box contains circled tapes + the serial number. For me, the eyes and the body paint is the most deceiving ones. It's hard to tell from afar,

    Buyers should be aware of this. :)

    1. ^^thanks for the info, we've got new additions to the Bootlegs list then. yet to see them though and grab some pix. I'd like to remind everyone to keep to the known legit sellers especially right now that Vergil is kinda HTF.