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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Starcraft 2 - Tychus Findlay Terran Marine Series 2

"Hmmm...might as well try my hand on something new", with the next Play Arts Kai figure in line for review being delayed i was asked by Greattoys Online owner, Mr.Malvin John Lim to give my insight on this Starcraft 2 figure from DC Unlimited. Of course, i jumped to the opportunity without hesitation...

Packaging is really good, i wish Play Arts would also utilize a thicker box on their next releases. You don't get much out of the box aside from the figure and his weapon though. I do have a whole bunch of plastic twisties...
I used to be a huge fan of the Starcraft franchise, i remember staying up late at night to play the campaigns and also skip my classes during college (back in the old days @ UP) to skirmish with my block mates. Years later i still look back with fondness though i got tired of waiting for the sequel (Starcraft 2) so i really didn't give a hoot about the line anymore. The figures though are a different matter, i remember seeing the Jim Raynor figure and i find it pretty interesting though i am not really a fan of the popular DC Unlimited figures of World of Warcraft previously since they have very limited articulation. For this reason, i ventured to this review without expecting much.
I was not disappointed, sure the movement is extremely limited but the details are very well rendered and the paint job is actually impressive though i must admit i miss the glossy metallic sheen. Also, err...what's that? Who the hell is Tychus Findlay? Well, i did some short research and i found out that he used to be Jim Raynor's outlaw partner, he got caught aiding Jim's escape and has been incarcerated via cryogenic freeze. He was eventually released under condition that he assassinate Kerrigan, he can't leave his suit until the mission is done. Yes, he's the marine on Starcraft 2's trailer. Ok, so we both know enough about him for this review...
The faceplate of the figure opens and shuts so we get here a good view of Mr.Findlay. The face is pretty game accurate though it's missing the facial scars and his cigar. I wish for some kind of emotion but, obviously, he ain't got any. I'm also looking for his Chain Gun since i read that that is his main weapon but instead i got this:
The gun can use extra details, it is also made up of 2 hollow separate plastic pieces glued in the middle. They should have used solid PVC just so buyers won't feel shortchanged about the figure's lack of accessories. They could have added a Shredder Grenade or two as well.
Like i said, the details are very good though the paint job is kinda flat. It's missing the metallic feel though the small details such as mud, space-rust, small wear and tear are present. I especially like the "Suck it Down!" graffiti on the front. The faceplate could also use a glossy paint job.
Articulation points are present at all the right areas but the bulkiness of the figure severely limit the movements and poses of the figure. His balance though is really, really nice for a hulking guy. I also have problems with his gun hand, the gun keeps falling off because of the loose fit. That pre-posed trigger finger is useless.
Overall, the Tychus Findlay is a pretty decent figure and the price of 1.9K @ Greattoys Online is reasonable enough for a well-detailed PVC figure. Just don't expect a Play Arts Kai level scale though i believe he's compatible with the smaller, older Play Arts line.

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