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Monday, February 04, 2013

Play Arts Kai Batman - Arkham City Review

The joys of not having a working deadline...anyway, coming on the heels of that excellent Play Arts Kai Catwoman figure from Arkham City i'd like to present a late review of the Play Arts Kai Batman. I already established the fact that the first Batman from Arkham Asylum is better than this figure but i would like to justify that he's just as solid as the AA Batman and a worthy piece on your collection especially if you're not really interested to shell out extra bucks for the Arkham Asylum version or to try the "Ultimate" PAK Batman modification. 
Needless to say, the packaging is better than the Arkham Asylum Batman and not as bulky and the front flap makes it a very nice centerpiece. The accessories are better as well: an alternate angry head, grappling gun, grappling gun extension, batarang and two alternate hands.
The alternate head is the most significant difference with the Arkham Asylum Batman and a solid feature for the Arkham City line. I don't know about you but another alternate unmasked head is something that would have definitely perked the interest for this figure. Apparently, SQEX forgot to ask for my opinion...
Why so serious?
Come to think of it his details is just as good as the Arkham Asylum version minus the "diaper" problem of the AA version. This version also have those huge football shoulder pads that are limiting the movements of the arms. But I think what turned most people off is the paint job, which is, well, simply not that good. He reminds me of the classic Batman (cue Adam West-Batman music). If you've actually thought of that good luck getting that sound out of your head for the rest of the article - LOL. I really prefer a darker Batman, the AA version was able to hide certain marks that this version cannot because of his lighter blue color. And oh, his thighs are too long, he looks ridiculous in some poses. Try them, i didn't take pics of those.
Another significant change for the worse is the removal of his cape articulation, i mean, d@#n it! I personally love that feature on the AA because the billowing cape poses are a standard for Batman - swinging around Gotham City, crouching beside gothic gargoyles and stuff. They should have kept that feature intact IMHO.
The only definite Plus on the Arkham City Batman v.s. the Arkham Asylum version is the scale. The AA Bats is pretty small compared to Joker and probably, compared to the Robin figure. I'm terribly OC when it comes to scale so this version suits me just fine. 
A Drake is > than a Robin don't you think? 
Should you buy him? On one hand, if you are a Batman fan i don't think i need to tell you that so you better get off your computer/place your purchase online or go over Greattoys Online to get him. On the other hand, if you have the Arkham Asylum version already then you can pass on this one. Still on the other, other hand if you are very particular about the scale like me then this is the version for you so be like me and get him. On the other, other, other hand... oops out of hands, let's wrap it up. 


  1. I already have the AA one and honestly, i was planning on buying him (being a huge batman fan) but i think after watching this review i think ill stay with my asylum one. Great review though, very helpful. But is the AA one in scale with catwoman? Is he shorter than her?

    1. Yup, AA Bats is shorter than Catwoman and Robin. i suggest you give this figure a try for display purposes.

  2. Oh no, is he like "badly" shorter than her or decently shorter. It worries me because i dont plan on getting the AA harley and im worried the AC harley will be taller than my joker.