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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Play Arts Kai Bootleg Dante - Devil May Cry 3?

Last January 14, 2013 i think i already mentioned anonymous reports of "alleged" bootleg figures of Devil May Cry 3 Dante and Vergil. Someone spotted them two days prior locally at our friendly-neighborhood bootleg haven. I asked for pics from anyone who would personally see them and David (sickout - from blogger as well) responded. David's been hanging around here for a quite a while and we've been exchanging emails about his findings. Props to you bro! All of the photos are credited to David (sickout).

Here are some of the pics of the "alleged" bootlegs together with the "authentic" ones.

The left pic is of the "authentic" Dante and the one the right is the "alleged bootleg" Dante. Just click on the pics to make them larger. notice the different paint apps and the missing shading. The eyes of the left-hand Dante are also more defined compared to the overlapping blue paints on the Dante on the right. The paint on their upper body are also different and once again the shadings are missing. In fact, the right-hand Dante's body paint reminds me of the face paint on the bootleg Battle Dress Snake figure i encountered. 
More findings after the jump >>>

If you really can't tell when the figure is inside the box then just flip the box over and you'll get these:
Once again, the "authentic" one is on the left and the "alleged bootleg" is on the right. Before, the serials are clear indicators of authentic figures but not anymore. The left box serials are deeply engraved and in small typewriter font size while the ones on the right are larger, shallow and seemed to be done by a different machine. Seems like those bootlegging bastards are also trying their best to mimic the serials, they may have gotten wind of the fact that collectors are getting smarter and more cautious with the serials. 

So there you have it, you may debate on the comments section if you want but, personally, i believe that there are indeed bootlegs of Play Arts Kai Dante. Please be careful with your purchases and if unsure, please feel free to ask. I respond as often as i could. Many, many thanks to David (sickout) also, you've done great service to the Play Arts Kai collector's community.


  1. The serials on my catwoman dont look like the ones shown as tge bootleg ones. But tgey dont look like tge ones in tge left either. But they are deeply engraved. Like all my other kai figures.

  2. Hey this is very helpfull.
    If able can you please add more pic so i can see the difference between original n bootleg?
    Please send it to my email.