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Monday, February 16, 2015

Play Arts Kai Tifa Lockhart Review - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

This figure review really took her time, i was not able to get Tifa when she arrived since almost everybody wanted her and i had to give way. Of course, i also allowed Sephtimus to do his review with lots of pretty pictures first. Anyway, the Play Arts Kai Tifa sold out quickly? I can definitely understand why.
and yes, that's me, reflected on her box, lol
Being one of the most recognizable characters in the Final Fantasy universe, Tifa needs no introduction. Even though she underwent a costume redesign in the Advent Children movie there's no doubt she's the hottest RPG heroine this side of planet fanboy...the Play Arts Kai version did her a way...

I'll be honest with you, i too was initially caught up within the hype when she was first released though i eventually acquiesced that she's not as perfect as the hype dictates. For one thing, she's lacking in accessories...

The alt head is a nice addition but you only get a few other extras out of the box. Her angry, windblown-hair alt head for some reason reminds me of Kagero, that kunoichi from the classic anime Ninja Scroll if you wish to know. 
Anyway, I can't help but notice how half-empty the recent PAK boxes seemed to be. They could have added a few effect parts here and there...I know they are not in the movie or game, unless you count her participation in the fighting game Ehrgeiz, so they would be awkward at best but hey, come on, the price tag warrants those...

Tifa's design is good though i must say she seemed to be a step back from Wave 1's Vincent. I like how they designed the knees differently, they look good while standing just don't bend them too much.

The rest of her details are well rendered as expected and the figure i reviewed was well painted. Even though the new releases really tend to have that shiny, plastic paint-quality to them it's not that rampant with Tifa though the sheen was there without doubt especially on her arms, torso and face. They also redesigned the Dissidia/Butterfly joints into ball joints to make them sturdier without sacrificing poseability. I bet SQEX has been receiving defective returns and complaints about those a lot. 
Nevertheless, Tifa is absolutely gorgeous. Her face though has that anime feel to it, not exactly like the CG Advent Children version but hey! she's still pretty so quit complaining. Sculpt is typical PAK and i can see they really gave special focus on Tifa's most notable asset...
Yea, verily...her pretty, pretty face, what else?

Stance = Homage to Shogun Rua
Some poses are difficult to assume since she topples often, i do like the idea however of accessories specifically made for iconic poses like the gloved hands above. Reminds me of SHF DBZ figs to be honest. I suggest you make use of the stand, i had a hard time balancing her.
With Cloud coming in soon and Barret already out, you'll be getting 3 of the original Final Fantasy 7 party members (Avalanche) so there's no way you want to miss her. I personally think the hype will die down a bit so you can grab her for a pretty decent price.
I would have given her a higher score but i am biased towards the Game version which i hope SQEX will consider creating. The white tank-top, shorts and suspenders combo beat this black leather design for me any given Sunday. 
Therefore, i will give her 4 out 5 Fist Bites.

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