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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Play Arts Kai Raiden White Version - MGRR

Ok, here we go, this review took some time since i'm at the start of a career transition period or, in less fancy terms, "i ain't got access to blogger yet" in my new job/office, lol, if ever i get one. I'm not into exclusives as i may have mentioned before though whenever i get the chance then why the hell not? After all, the wisdom of old Play Arts collectors quips that the Play Arts Kai Raiden is the "new Sora."

I originally intend for this to be a video review but after a bout with a bad cough i got too L-A-Z-Y to do it so let's stick with the basics. I also prefer writing things down real time instead of preparing a script, rehearsing or any other bulls#!t. Every other reviews done up to this point were created using that technique. Anyway, I was taken aback a bit by his price tag but then, he's an exclusive so what do i expect? I may have to sacrifice the upcoming Play Arts Kai TDKR figures at the moment. So if i fail to review The Joker and Catwoman on time we all know who to blame...

ZeroFour, we are going to blame ZeroFour...
Seriously bro, thanks for White Jack and the 2 Red Foxes previously. Do check out the exclusives and HTF PAKs that this guy carry.
I already did a Play Arts Kai Raiden regular version review some articles back so just look for it here. I prefer to treat this one as a showcase and, uh, well, a frankensteined regular review treated with "shots' originally intended for a video review.

The finishing of White Jack is matte as opposed to the glossy finish of the regular release. Since he's white, the wayward strokes are difficult hide, it's a good thing though that i didn't get much of those on my figure.
Weapons and accessories are just the same, obviously, though the hands and feet are white (duh!). The stand is present as in all recent PAKs also.

The primary charm of White Jack is that the details stand out very well because of the light colors. It's easier to appreciate the intricacy of Jack's details because of that. I mentioned that wayward strokes are present and easier to spot as well but that's a small price to pay for a figure that shines (literally and figuratively).
And here's me assembling the stand, i told you there are shots here that are supposed to be part of a storyboard so bear with me.

If you're wondering which version of Raiden to get the following pics may help you decide. I agree that the white one's pretty sexy indeed though i'm not going to say that it's a must have. After all, it's still basically a recolor, trumped one-up even by the Red Cyborg Ninja since Frank got packaged with an alternate head.

I will say this much though: If you're gunning for a Raiden recolor or just 1 Raiden figure that's a keeper then the White one is the best option. I'm passing up on the other colors not just because they are d@mn hard to find and very expensive but the White Raiden may just be the best alternate colored version of Jack around simply because his color scheme is very unique from the rest of the Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai figures. Of course, that's just my opinion and i actually find the Red version impressive as well. I hope i find one though.


  1. Nice Review sir..hope you review the Red version also.. :)

  2. He looks amazing my friend, unfortunately not an alternate color i can afford :( I would be lieing if i said my black(original) raiden looks more eye catching than this but i havent a steady source of income so i must learn to stick with the regulars. I dont really like the red as,much, and its funny you say they cost more because over here online its the same price for either one. Unless you mean the shipping or something, im not sure the red is exclusive over there. I must say that when reading your review and looking at the pictures, i really loved the shelves with your PAK collection. It looks so friggin awesome!! I cant even begin to hope id have all of the PAK releases id want like the DKR series and even the AC Batman, but still, it looks awesome even if just seeing it through pics of anothers collection haha, lucky guy you are!! I have dedicated most of my money on the metal gear series, though gray fox's alternate head may never join. I have already reserved my liquid and mgs2 raiden, and still waiting on snake haha, ive never waited so long on a preorder before. But anyways my friend, great review as always. Hope to see the DKR cat and joker review from you one day, even if they might be post poned due to your white raiden haha!! He still is a great figure and worth it from what i see. Take care, till next time!! Congrats on the job. Start a protest for the usage of blogger!!!

  3. Thanks bro for mentioning me in your review. Great read for all PAK Raiden fans!

  4. After seeing White Raiden, I have to agree with you that this is the best version around bro. It looks like a Gundam armor, especially with the matte finish. And like I told you last time bro, the shading is really impressive. Losing my head on this one.

  5. Hi again man, thanks for the review! I ordered the standard version but in the meanwhile i also found the white one and bought it. The black version just arrived at my action figures retailer and i'm not sure about what to do. I'm 100% satisfied with my white version and i dunno if it's worthy to buy a very similar figure. What do you say? I can buy and sell it in the future if i got bored but i don't want to keep it boxed or risk to never be able to find it again (if i don't buy it). I usually am a fan of standard figures.

    Another question: my Solidus need badly a stand, do you know where i can get one? Even another brand stand is ok until it's not very noticeable or expensive. I'm having problems finding one here in italy.

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