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Friday, June 21, 2013

Revoltech Snake Review

You know, sometimes it pays to have that certain kind of guts (and confidence) to drop a certain company a letter asking if they'd be interested to sponsor your blog. Though i am aware that this blog is kinda very niche and therefore not that heavy when it comes to traffic, i had the cheek to email Arigatoys (Revoltech Philippines) if they would be interested to sponsor my Revoltech reviews... and there are times when the gamble pays off. This will be my first Revoltech review and i'm glad that i'll start with a beloved character from my favorite video game line.
Harvey, Kyle and Gladwin, this one's for you guys.
Indeed, that's Naked Snake donning his sneaking suit. Very appropriate since he's basically the progenitor of the Metal Gear series and this time he's the 1st MGS figure for the Revoltech Yamaguchi line - which was designed by famed sculptor Yamaguchi (gotta check his first name though).
This is one of the things that i like best about Revoltech - the arsenal of accessories. You'll never get shortchanged on these indeed. I'm not going to breakdown the content but you got to see them for yourself, please refer to the picture above. He brought everything but the kitchen sink: Suppressed Pistol, M16, a wide selection of alternate hands, removable/articulated Bandanna, 3 interesting MGS icons, small plastic box for storing the accessories, a variety of stands, etc. By the way, that brown cardboard with the MGS 25th logo is a fold-able box. I'm yet to try it out since i'm planning to blow it up for the larger scale MGS figures but it really does look so darn cool on Snake.

Another highlight of the Revoltech Snake - and Revoltech figures in general for that matter- is his poseability and articulation. The figure outshines his other versions when it comes to this particular feature. How many POAs are there in this figure? To be honest, they're "too many to mention" (and i can't understand a d@#n thing about the Japanese text to i don't know if it's printed somewhere on the box), i'm quite surprised that there are a lot of poses you can pull off which are virtually impossible in all other versions of Naked Snake. mentioned by some on the comments section, even his d@#n eyeball is articulated. Well, his one good eyeball that is...

For a small figure the details are superb and the paint job is pretty good. The shades and colors are very faithful to Snake's in-game design. There are also tidbits included in the accessories that are very interesting most specifically the ZZzz thingy (pictured below), the box as i mentioned and the iconic ! symbol in all MGS games. Props to the Revoltech guys for their humor and ingenuity.
 If there are any personal misgivings about the figure it'll have to be the face sculpt (which could be better in my opinion), there is a rather "anime" feel on Snake's face but then i'm not really a big fan of that design especially if it's applied to a series like Metal Gear. I expect though that a lot of fans will be able to relate to that. Secondly, i'm having a hard time moving the shoulders and the neck area tend to fall off at times. Sometimes, too much articulation could work against the design. They are small issues though and you can get used to them quickly especially when you've experimented long enough on Snake's vast array of poses and display possibilities.

Overall, the Revoltech Naked Snake figure is a good "solid" smaller scale figure that is a very welcome addition to your video game figure collections, or better yet, to your Metal Gear collection. Price point is reasonable enough, playability is definitely top notch and you get tons of accessories as well.   
 Check him out and other Revoltech figures from the official re-sellers of Arigatoys: Hubbytes, Hobime, Big Boys Toy Store, GreatToysOnline, Wasabi Toys, Datablitz and Play Giant.
Think about it, for a hardcore Metal Gear fan that "!" symbol alone is worth the price of this figure.


  1. Oh so you ended up getting him afterall. I remember when he was still in stock i asked your thoughts on him. You said playability wise he's awesome but the face drove you off from getting him. I do agree on the face too and while its too late for me on him, he does look worthy of buying :) He only looks funny from the side. As if his neck looks fat. But great review my friend, and awesome figure. Im with you on the face though. Too anime :/

  2. great review. i just hope you include for a small scale figure as that, you can actually move the eyeball. ;-)

    1. thanks for mentioning that, i didn't mention it coz it's on the box already. hehe. thanks anyway, readers take note.

  3. Amazing that i found him today at big bad toy store online. Last one in stock!! I ordered him and though the face is the one thing im not so excited about, im more anxious to pose him next to my other figures!! Again, great review!!!

  4. Hi Jeri! Have you noticed that if you pop out the head theres a ball joint control for snakes left eye to for its articulation. Its kinda cool!