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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hot Toys The Boss Review

I've been slacking lately, especially after those three Play Arts Kai reviews for November. I expect to round up the year though with Metal Gear Solid figures, the only Play Arts Kai i'm keeping and the most recent Hot Toys line i'm collecting. Anyway, for my 3rd to the last review for the year, before hibernating indefinitely, i would like to share with you the person whose "ideology" was enough to fuel the whole Metal Gear universe, the "Mother" of the Special Forces, the founder of the Cobra Unit (a.ka. The Joy), the master who mentored goddamn Naked Snake (and therefore responsible for teaching him about 50% of his badassery, not to mention indirectly influencing all his descendants - Les Enfants Terribles), co-developer of CQC, pioneer of the "Bandanna" trend in MGS, the last child of the Patriots and the biological mother of that triple-crossing gun-slinger, goddamn Ocelot! Whew! Her credentials read like a goddamn "SO, You Think You're a Badass?!" list.

She's not really included in my hit list but since i'm a sucker for 1/8 and 1/6 MGS figs i gave her a shot. I was pretty happy i did, she's an iconic figure in MGS universe though her role lasted only one game: Snake Eater. You still can't deny the fact that she's an integral character in the series and all the other complicated twists and turn are, in one way or another, indirectly connected to her.

Accessories and weapons for The Boss are pretty ample and i'm glad they included 2 of her well-known weapons in the game: The Patriot (a modified carbine - power of assault rifle combined with a hand-gun's handling) and launcher (Davy Crockett?) and 1 pc of the portable nuclear warheads she was carrying around for Volgin. She's got her CQC knife also, an optional jacket with hood, a couple of carrying cases, alternate hands, pegs and a bunch of stickers for the cases.
Errr...Maybe NOT...
Face sculpt is impressive and the details on her white Soviet sneaking suit with optional straps and zip down are very, very game-accurate down to the shade and gloss of the shiny parts. You may want to zip up her clothes though to escape that weird uni-boob feature. Anyway, I read somewhere that her looks are based on old-timey actress' Charlotte Rampling (google it up guys - she's in the TV series "Dexter") but for the modern cinema i think an aged Famke Janssen or a beefed up Cate Blanchett would probably work for me.

Like i mentioned the weapons are great; added value for poseability and playability. Do be careful though of the handle for the launcher since it's kinda thin and may snap easily especially if the warhead is equipped. I do not recommend posing her on awkwards poses such as this though...
...since my honest first impression when i saw the fig was "Goddamn, lady looks like a dude." No disrespect to our beloved Voyevoda though. 

One major drawback though is (similar to Naked Snake) some poses are difficult to pull off because of her tight fitting suit. They can actually be done but i'm just afraid i'll damage the fabric over time. Her CQC knife keeps falling off for certain poses so i got tired trying to photograph a CQC battle between her and her Protege' John (or Jack sometimes). Maybe next time...
What i really like about her is that her form is well proportioned; no thin-looking legs or rather large-looking head. You also get more movement from her since she's not as bulky as Naked Snake and her balance is so much better. If you are a fan of MGS i think you should get her once you get Naked Snake, there are a few pieces left @ GreattoysOnline and they offer the best price i've seen so far for her.

Here's a parting shot, there's nothing beneath those clothes, no protrusion, dimple or anything. Trust me, i checked...LOL

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  1. I didnt feel the boss was a figure worth getting at first but the fact that she symbolizes so much in metal gear kinda makes me wanna get her.