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Monday, December 23, 2013

TOP 5 Events: Angels & Summer Year-end Round Up 2013

As the flames of the year die-down to mere embers, let's take a look back at significant events for Angels & Summer blog and the local Play Arts Kai scene in general.

#5. Arigatoys Collectibles Inc. Sponsorship (Revoltech Philippines) & Christmas Toy Fair

Photo courtesy of Arigatoys Collectibles Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Arigatoys Collectibles Inc.
Photo courtesy of Arigatoys Collectibles Inc.
Was very lucky to get acquainted with these guys, it's also good to know that Revoltech will be given due attention from now on. After all, they do have pretty awesome releases this year: Naked Snake, Raiden, Vic Viper, Monster Hunter Jinouga, etc. Their exhibit during the Christmas Toycon was really impressive as well, what a visual way to "officially" launch their exclusive local distribution rights to NECA and Kotobukiya, on top of Revoltech of course. We can also use a lot more of those Loot Bags guys! Props to Kyle, Harvey and Gladwin for making the brand a household name in the collectors' community. Looking forward to more exciting releases (and more sponsored reviews!!!lol) next year.

#4. 1/6 Scale

My trek through uncharted territtory wasn't entirely successful but i was glad to discover the Hot Toys Metal Gear Solid line. Looks like a pure MGS collection will rise soon. Part of the streamlining is to curb expenses for the upcoming PAKs. Well, unless i get additional sponsors that is.

#3. 200K Views for Angels & Summer

Breached the 200K views mark around the 3rd Quarter of 2013. Thank you for all the support guys. It was always an honor to meet fellow collectors who claim that they got into Play Arts Kai because of my blog even if most of them are a lot more successful PAK collecting-wise than me.

#2. Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group highly successful Philippine Toycon 2013 Display

2013 witnessed the rise of a (mostly) unified local Play Arts Kai Collector Group. Lest we forget...

#1. Play Arts Kai Raiden - MGRR, Liquid Snake - MGS and Raiden (MGS2: SOL) & Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

The MGRR Raiden converted a lot of collectors to Play Arts Kai, whether it's good thing or bad thing remains to be seen. The highly-regarded MGS line rounded up the year with more solid releases: Raiden from Sons of Liberty and the other Twin; Liquid Snake. Not too far ahead will be Ground Zeroes Snake as well as Skull Face and Punished Snake.

Also, hate for the fanboys aside, SQEX revived their most famous line with the release of the awesomely detailed Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children figures. Looking forward to Cloud, Sephiroth and Tifa.

So there we have it, hopefully 2014 will be a lot more fruitful for us collectors. Next up: The Top Play Arts Kai Figures of 2013.

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