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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Play Arts Kai Batman - Guide to the BEST Batman figures

As another boredom deterrent, i conducted a survey @ Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group regarding the BEST Play Arts Kai Batman and...errr...what was that? Why Batman? Well, to date, Batman is the most "Represented" figure in Play Arts Kai, he's got a lot of versions to rival or even surpass Play Arts Kai Raiden or the old Play Arts Sora figures. What's more impressive about that is that Recolors are strictly optional novelties in the Play Arts Kai Batman's gallery. Every new releases are, mostly, unique versions of the fabled Dark Knight. And of course, HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN! That's why...

Excluding the Black and White SDCC Arkham Asylum Batman, Arkham City Batman and the TDKR Metallic Baleman which didn't get any votes, here's how the Play Arts Kai Batman versions fared according to the local PAK fans.

#7 / #6. Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Armored Batman and DC Variant Batman - Red Version (5% of the Votes each)

Photo courtesy of John Vincent Banzuela
The Armored Bats share the design of one of the finest Play Arts Kai Batman figure created so it's a no brainer, in fact both of them (Red DCV Batman) are obvious choices though they probably rank lower since they are basically recolors. I can't imagine a Batman fan, most especially a completist missing these two. Those red details on the DCV Bats and that silvery, semi-glossy finish of the Armored Batman are sweet indeed.

#5. Play Arts Kai The Dark Knight Returns Skin Batman (9% of the Votes)
Photo courtesy of Jed Cyril Punongbayan
Honestly, i'm not a big fan of this figure since i never read the comics, though i considered getting him before because of his impressive design and girth when i was still on the verge of that completist syndrome (i.e. the Arkham City line). Before the arrival of the DCV Bats this is the largest scale PAK Batman available, which, perhaps, partly explains his unique appeal. Bruce Wayne may not have aged well in this particular version, but goddamn, he's still intimidating as hell.

#4. Play Arts Kai The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy Batman (12% of the Votes) 
For a short period the PAK TDKR Baleman was my favorite Play Arts Kai Batman figure, no wonder, since i'm a big fan of the movie. On a side note, the DX12 of Hot Toys ruined that perception of mine. Baleman is still a solid pick since he's part of the first 2 figures from the PAK Movie Line and he turned out pretty damn good. If you can get past his scale that is...

 #3. Play Arts Kai Arkham City 1970's Skin Batman (16% of the Votes)

Photo courtesy of Manny Sudiacal
Ah...Memories! i used to have a bunch of stickers depicting the classic grey, blue and yellow Batman and while i do not think i'll be getting this i am quite surprised with the very favorable comments from collectors regarding this classic batman skin. I really thought this figure would suck, but then i looked closer and realize that the classic look worked a long time ago so why the hell not now...I really hope i get the chance to do a review of this figure one of these days...anyone lending this? lol

#2. Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman (21% of the Votes)

Except for scale issues this Batman is just awesome; from the terrific headsculpt, body form and design down to that wicked cape articulation, this Batman is truly a must have for PAK Batman collectors. I had to trade mine, unfortunately, way back and it's one of the hardest decisions i had to make (PAK-related that is, by the way, i got Solid Snake for him so i guess i shouldn't be sad, lol). If only he's created in the same scale as the DCV Batmen then perhaps he's perfect. Heeeyyyyy...speaking of DCV Batman...

 #1 Play Arts Kai DC Variant Batman - Blue Version (32% of the Votes)
Okay, i called you overrated but i'm not going to apologize. However, i agree with my comrades, right now, the DCV Batmen are on the top of the PAK gauntlet. The anime-ish design is really appealing and that samurai-like armor was just sick, SICK I TELL YOU! He also retained the best characteristic of the other Batman figures: cape articulation and actually improved upon the others: paint and details and weaponry - move over Batarang, this Bat's got a FREAKING KATANA!

Ok then, stop gawking and check these Batmen out in person, also, do yourself a favor and get at least one of them.


  1. I know which one im getting!!! DCV Batman!!!! Awesome review as always. Sorry about AA Batman, but im sure it was a,good,decision :) i have him too and he was my very first PAK!!

  2. " On a side note, the DX12 of Hot Toys ruined that perception of mine. " What perception?

    Also agree with this list! Though I feel TDK Trilogy Batman should be higher up a little. I got DCV Batman on the way though and man, I can't wait.

  3. I do plan on getting my hand on the batman variant for my first PAK how can i know if the one im buying is a fake or a legit one tnx.

    1. Join us here brother