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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Super Street Fighter 4 Akuma/Gouki 1/6 Scale by Kids Logic

GUEST REVIEW: Anjo Singson, one of my comrades from Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group recently acquired this awesome 1/6 Scale Akuma/Gouki figure by Kid's Logic and it is an honor that he chose to grace this blog with an early review. Oh, i'll be adding some brief commentaries of my own as indicated by an asterisk *, by Anjo's leave of course. Take it away Singsonmeister. 
First time reviewing a figure soooo. *Nazi's f#!k off - let Anjo do his thing.
As requested by Mr. Jose Antonio Aldon, this is a “BI” review of the “new challenger” in the 1/6th Scale action figure trend --- Kids Logic.
(And I think this Akuma is the 1st male Street Fighter made in 1/6th scale)
Kids Logic is a Hong-Kong based company (same as Hot Toys) and they’ve been in the toy industry for quite some time now. They were notably known for making Egg Attack Iron Man Figures, Transformers and Saint Seiya figures. Now they’ve decided to go further by making 1/6th scale figures of Super Street Fighter IV and, I’m glad they did.

This was a gamble at first since there are no reviews yet of KL Gouki/Akuma (Let’s call Kids Logic “KL” from now on) and this is the first time they made a 1/6th scale figure. Truth be told --- I am not familiar with KL and their products before.
If you do not know Akuma/Gouki, then why are you reading this again? Seriously, Akuma is the most badass among the other badasses in the fighting-game world. And his goal is to destroy strong fighters (quite a goal, right?). and since I am lazy introducing him, read more about him here: . *Anjo and i will wait for you.

Let’s start with the box (as it is also new!). The box is pretty basic, but still good. It is a foldable window box with magnets and you could see the figure in it. A collector friendly box, IMHO. And I personally love it!

Nooooow, let’s rip him out of his box !

So, that’s everything in it! Let’s list what’s inside the box, shall we ?
·         The figure itself
·         Two interchangeable “open” hands
·         Two removable slippers
·         One prayer necklace/beads
·         One “Dynamic” stand (does what the dynamic hot toys stand does. Err) w/interchangeable crotch support, one short and one long
·         Instruction sheet.
Well, that’s pretty much it. You won’t judge this figure by his accessories, right?

The figure itself outside the box is SOLID and is heavier compared to a non-die cast Hot Toys figure or a Medicom Figure. I can’t deny the fact that I am VERY IMPRESSED on what KL did on Akuma. No amount of words can express my delight about this figure. DAMN!

The sculpt is fantastic. Seriously, I mean look at it! It is the most accurate representation of Akuma in figure form in my opinion. I’ve played Street Fighter games and remembered that Akuma pretty much … looks this scary. And angry !
… aaand as a pun to the blogger who posted this:

No, but seriously it helps you to see the paint on the eyes. Eyes are basically the same from the Akuma that we know, right? And, did I mention that his eyes light up? No, I did not. But hey, there it is.
The LEDs in his eyes are colored red-orange. Which is pretty good. And awesome!

The body itself is made of hard PVC Plastic (much like those materials used in the Play-Arts Kai line if you are familiar with it) which makes it solid. The details are simply superb with well-defined muscles and veins all over his body. About his Gi, there are wires around it that is useful for posing the figure, and I am not good with poses as seen on these pictures, very lame of me. *It's ok man.
Articulation is typically 1/6, around 36 points in all but Akuma's got extra ones on his toes. he's got better articulation that other fully clothed 1/6s because of the loose Gi he's wearing.
Akuma is in the same scale as other 1/6 figures. Seen here for comparative purposes with Hot Toys Mk 2.0 Warmachine, and the Hot Toys Storm Shadow.

And about the KL “Dynamic Stand”?  It helps Akuma do his mid-air attacks and it’s sturdy, it helps the figure do so much more awesome poses - More awesome than the ones I did. *Yes, i am pretty impressed with the dynamic stand as well. I'd like to see him take on Wesker, MVC3 style.

·         The figure itself is solid and heavy, which is pretty good
·         Nice articulation and sculpt
·         Lights up eyes
·         Akuma can do everything you see Akuma do in the video game, *Well, except Fireballs
·         Akuma is freaking tall and wide. Could be a stand out on your 1/6th collection
·         HE IS VERY CHEAP, TOO!

·         Lack of accessories (fireball effects, shoryuken effects)
·         Paint is kinda dull unlike the prototype, but still bearable.
I definitely recommend this figure. *You'll have a grand time posing him, Anjo certainly did, i got like 20+ pics for this guest review from him but i had to cut some off to save space. 
Scale is not a problem when displaying him in the same shelf with your Hot Toys, Medicom or Play Imaginative figures.


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  1. Wow where and how much did you get this for? I see it for $179 on ebay.

  2. Such cool collection! I also have collection like that and I always watch movie of that every weekends.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hmmmm is it me or is his eyes looks a bit cock-eyed???? Seems the eyeball pupils are not painted equally aligned is it?