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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hot Toys War Machine MARK II Diecast Review

GUEST REVIEW: This review for the Hot Toys War Machine Diecast is long overdue, i'd like to apologize to my comrade Uzi Enriquez. This was suppose to come out more than a full month back but i've been away and busy with non-toy related matters. Uzi's one of the new converts to the Dark Side, so to speak, on the bright side i ain't using your real name here comrade, LOL, so there.

In order to keep it simple, and upon's Uzi's request, i'm gonna go with my ramblings while he lists down the Pros and Cons of the figure. I'm betting you know well about Col. Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine so i'm skipping the long introduction, go watch the first 2 Iron Man movies to refresh your memory... Ahem...done? Good. 

For starters, the box is pretty awesome like the rest of the MMS, not really familiar with the others since i'm a VGM guy but the packaging looks really nice especially the inside styro-tray that looks like an engraved stone.

Paint app is impressive; I didn't find any excessive application which I normally find in other action figure lines.  Also the die-cast metal parts were separated so that when you do an action pose it doesn’t scratch the other metal parts except for the hips which could have a little chipping but not that noticeable. And oh, his eyes, arc reactor, and repulsors lights up.
However, he doesn't come with much accessories if you compare it to War Machine Mark 1; he only comes with 3 extra pairs of interchangeable hands (closed fists, open, and a hand gestured for a salute), a detachable articulated shoulder-mount missile launcher, a forearm mounted gun, and a light-up base stand, so no alternate head for us (which is fine with me) and ex-wife (this is what I wanted). He's less bulky than the MK1 also and he's missing the parts that allow the thrusters to open.

War Machine's a massive and yet sturdy figure, Rhody's about 80% die-cast metal and 20% plastic/rubber yet his articulation is astonishing.  He has retractable joints in the elbows, hips, and ankles.  Even the fingers are articulated.  I didn't expect him to be this articulated knowing he's a die-cast figure and a Hot Toys figure.
For the stand, the pole is a bit short.  It doesn't allow War Machine to pull a flight pose and the clamp seemed to be weak in holding. Perhaps a Dynamic 1/6 stand would do an interesting trick.
Another con is that the light in the repulsors aren’t that bright compared to the eyes and the arc reactor. Also, you have to be really careful when changing or removing the batteries because the screws might go missing.  I almost lost mine when I tried to put the batteries in.

Overall, being my first 1/6 and Hot Toys figure, I find War Machine Mark 2 amazing. And I'd definitely get another 1/6 figure from Hot Toys which is probably my delayed target figure DX04 Bruce Lee.  I’d probably enjoy taking pictures of War Machine right now with dioramas and backgrounds for a while.


  1. fyi Hot Toys states a dynamic stand does not work with the Diecast Iron Man figures due to how heavy they are. Good review though. How does one go about submitting a guest review though?

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    3. Ok thanks! My facebook account is Arvind Radakrishnan.

      Btw I've been following your reviews since early 2013, love em! Convinced me to get a bunch like Kratos, DMC 4 Dante, Solid Snake and numerous Batmen :)

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