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Thursday, September 25, 2014

ThreeA Emile 1/6 Scale Review - HALO: Reach

GUEST REVIEW: This just in, well, he actually came before Logan downstairs but know...anyway, this review is from my good friend and most prolific guest reviewer Anton. I'm surprised he got this but then i think he's really dedicated to the ideal that we should not run out of figures to spend our money on, so here he is; ThreeA 1/6 Scale Emile from HALO: Reach, which is, as far as i know, a pretty old game already though i must admit the last stand of the Noble Team was pretty bad-ass. *** Anyway, means i'm sharing my insight or just randomly spewing out trash to add length to the review.
Strike 2 Anton, no box pic again. Emile here and that PI Batman. Next time ok? OK?
*** Emile here is one of the more popular characters of the HALO: Reach game, i remember having the Play Arts Kai version of Emile way back. I was not able to review him but he's pretty impressive, well, for a small scale PAK at least. Imagine how good he will be packed with details and superior paint apps then you get the idea of the 1/6 Emile figure. Ok, i'll shut up now and let Anton take it away...

*** Oh WOW! Great! Anton gave me bullet points, i guess i will still be the one to do the review after all. Nice going Mr."Guest Reviewer."
Anyway, i never played HALO: Reach, i'm not interested to do so, in fact unless it involves Master Chief and Cortana i'm not really a fan. Mmmm, Cortana...uh, anyway, i have no idea what happened to Emile, though for sure he got killed in action. For that reason i'm not gonna discuss the game. I'm just gonna run over some notes by Anton and...Good grief! look at that weathered effect, it was said to be better than your average 1/6 Scale figure. He's pretty tall also, about an inch and a half than the usual - he wouldn't fit inside Anton's cab by the way.

Figure is extremely light, which is a pro at this size, he's easy to balance and hold most poses. He usually won't fall. If he does, nothing would break, probably (fall on a table? wherever you placed it at, different story if it falls off a shelf. LOL) - ***very informative Anton. I take that you tried it huh? go on try it!
Emile's articulated hands are really cool and he's got a s#!t ton of LEDs.
I didn't get pics of his weapons and  accessories (goob job!) but i got a list: left hip pouch, shotgun shells on the right forearm, grenades, smoke grenades, shotgun, huge kukri knife with holster, rear pouch, left and right shoulder armor

Lots of the accessories are magnetized so they can be stored or placed on Emile: Shotgun on the backpack, left and right shoulder armor, grenades and smoke grenade around the waist area.  Gives the figure a very high end feel to it. ***I bet they do
All grenades and ammo can be removed, which is a small, nice touch, though unnecessary feature

However, magnetized grenades around the waist and storing the shotgun via magnet on the back is a hassle when it comes to posing, as they tend to fall off,  making the figure a "pose and display" only figure. Though it's possible, straightening out the grenades around his waist can be tricky.  I think I would rather have them permanently sculpted or glued there.

Having articulated hands is cool, but it's a bit tricky to get Emile hold his shotgun. It would have been better to have shotgun gripping hands instead. Also, the figure got no Stand, though not really necessary. Last gripe would be the price tag since it is basically higher than Hot Toys.

Though not perfect, Emile is still a great release by ThreeA.  The details and the size of the figure is just so impressive.  I wouldn't recommend him for collectors who love to play with their "action figures" since he is mostly a display piece (and does a great job at it), pulling off some great shotgun poses.  If you are a Halo fan, or like me, just love the design of Emile, you might wanna consider picking this piece up.  His price tag is higher than an average Hot Toy though, so that can put off a lot of collectors.  Luckily, I got him on a trade. ***yeah, again, i bet you did. LOL.

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