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Monday, September 15, 2014

Play Arts Kai Superman / Supergirl Review - DC Variants

GUEST REVIEW: I was surprised and delighted to find this review in my PM today. Well, the style will be a first though i tried using this same method for my old PW reviews way, way back when i started with PAKs. It's very time consuming so i appreciate the effort very much Ryan (the MOS HT debacle is now settled, LOL). Anyway, let's give it up for Ryan and his eye-candy review of the new Play Arts Kai Superman and Supergirl figures from the DC Variants line. *** once again denotes my personal comments.

*** and i'm flattered to find out he's into excessive lighting like me...
***The new DC Variants arrived with much fanfare and there is no stopping them. I've seen most of the new releases and though some are visually unimpressive i must admit there are some really, really good ones. You be the judge of these two...anyway, i was asked to edit this review but i wish to keep it's charm, plus, i hate to waste some of the pics so i'm using Ryan's title page...

*** whoah, that face sculpt is really good by the way...
***"Laser eye whatever attacks" aside, i'm glad he doesn't have that stupid "strip and throw logo attack" from the old Superman movie

*** As a bonus, let's check out some options for doing a head swap with that god-awful MOS Play Arts Kai figure. Make him a bit decent for a short time... 

***If you collect the DCV line i guess you have these 2 by now, you have no reason not to get them. On the other hand, if you are planning to get some of the DCV PAKs, Superman and Batman are the 2 logical choices you have. These 2 are pretty difficult to find locally right now after the 1st wave of release, i suggest you start hunting now...
Additionally, judging by the looks and articulation of these 2, most especially Supergirl, we can expect a lot more of new gimmicks from the upcoming PAK releases. Also, i'm voting for Supergirl to be in the Top 5 by the end of the year. That face is simply amazing... 


  1. Nice photos! Newbie PAK fan, can you help me out? Where can I purchase the Superman variant locally? Any shops in Greenhills that sell only authentic PAK figures? Is P3,500 a fair price to pay for this at the moment? Thanks!

    1. Hey man, please join our group , you'll get every PAK info over there. But oh, we will require you to use your real name.

  2. I already did last night after I posted my comment. Just waiting for approval now. Thanks man! Nice site you have here by the way. -Jake

  3. hi tryed to join your group but i only use my sons fb account coz i dont have one job related, nways i really in need of PAK GL tnx in advance

    1. Hey Jake, what's the user name your son is using?