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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hot Toys The Wolverine Review

I really don't get why collectors aren't exactly big on you Bub! For sure out of the 3 Wolverine figures released so far by Hot Toys this version's got the best headsculpt, an uncanny (Ha! Uncanny!) resemblance to Hugh Jackman, if i must say so, the titular character in this Wolverine movie...i lost count which part this is since all X-Men movies are basically Wolverine featuring some X-Men members, or so they seemed to me... Anyway...
...before i go on rambling i'd like to thank Arturo of Hot Toys & Sideshow Market FB Group for Logan and Anton for playing the part of Hermes...LOL. Look it up Bub!
Anyway, Logan's experiencing some serious price drop these days, i dunno, maybe they overstocked him! Or the movie isn't that great to begin with, but hell, he's still THE Wolverine. A great time for collectors to join the mix i think, after all, he's a pretty good figure.

Logan comes packed with an extra set of costume: an army green fatigue pants, hiking boots, a katana - i believe this is the one offered to him by Yashida in the movie, 2 extra pairs of hands - open palm and for holding the katana, a pair of hands with adamantium claws, another pair with bone claws, extra pegs, a stand and of course the instruction sheet. He is wearing by default his Yashida-funeral garb in the movie, a white tank top underneath and a pair of Mr.Bean shoes.

The highlight of the figure for me is the outstanding headsculpt, for a line known to charge a lot for a single headsculpt of an actor/actress if you buy one separately, the current Wolvy price drop+awesome HS combo made enough sense to me as a collector to grab him. I wonder how HT will top this HS should we ever see another Wolverine figure in the future. I know it will improve but right now this HS is miles away from the 2 old Wolverine figs. 

Poseability is pretty decent though i'd be careful while using the steel claws (Real Steel, if you get my drift!), i got a minor scratch from them while posing Logan. The arm joints are really tight by  the way, not sure if that's a good or bad thing but at least he hold his claw poses quite well.

His coat can be a bit cumbersome when bending some joints though it's good they don't crumple easily since they are not rubberized. One gripe though are the small excess threads sticking out of the lining. Sheesh HT, you could have cleaned those up after stitching!

Remember when Silver Samurai cut-off his adamantium claws in the movie and Logan had to resort to using his old bone claws to stab the old f#!ker before throwing him off the cliff? Well, we got those bone claws over here, they actually look nice though i'm sure they are more fragile. I hate to see him take a dive while wearing these.

Another inclusion is the Katana that Yashida (yeah, that old f#!ker again!) kept for Logan after he saved his life in Nagasaki. I love the details of the sword, it was made of real steel again by the way and you just gotta love the small details. I don't know what those characters say so i would like to use a lifeline and ask my friend Nori. Anyway, the sword comes with a scabbard as well...

I mentioned earlier that he's wearing a white tank top beneath all those clothes but you know what? i'm not going to remove them so here's a pic of him wearing that white top. I think that's one of the turn-offs for this figure: He's just too damn skinny. Logan is ridiculously ripped in the movie so most collectors end up getting an alternate muscled 1/6 body for this extra set of clothes.
Like i said, i don't understand why they are not into Logan, he's a good solid figure for a ridiculously low price, well, for an HT that is. Not counting on him skyrocketing to Iron Mans' prices in the future but i think he'll recover in time just fine.

Here's to you Bub!

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