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Monday, November 17, 2014

SHFiguarts Mario - Showcase

"Its'a Mario!" If you have no idea who this character is i would like you to get out of are not human my friend. Mario is one of the most iconic & most recognizable character in the history of video games and Pop culture and i'm happy to have a charming representation, in figure form, of him.  Anyway, thank you Anton for the awesome pics and Greattoys Online for the sponsored figure. This will mark my first ever Figuarts review, we have 2 more in store for you...
Anyway, let's keep this simple...

The figure's paint apps are fantastic. There are no paint bleeds and are very evenly applied and it works great on a very accurate sculpt. It is Mario as we know him, he looks like he actually got ripped out of the video game! 

Accessories are iconic: grow mushroom, coin and "?" box. Though, personally, i think a Goomba would add more value to the figure. It is good to note that Mario's got enough articulation to pull off some iconic poses. Sure works well when on display...hey, speaking of display...

... the peg holes for the SHF stands are not visible or are covered when not being used. So, no eyesores for our chubby Italian plumber over here...

Though generally he's pretty nice, Mario's got some articulation limitations which actually make up the bulk of his Cons. 
A lot of the articulation is hindered, particularly in the neck. It can barely turn left and right, which is a shame, since the joint is a ball joint and swivel combo. Wasted potential! (***Wow! great observation there Anton)
The hindered joints does not allow the very famous crouching pose.

Another problem is that there is no stand included, which is bad for this particular fig since the peg holes in the back and "?" box is NOT compatible with the standard/existing SHF stands, heance you are forced to buy the playsets if you're planning to pull off some certain iconic poses like jumping, as well as pulling off those floating "?" boxes. Boooo!!!!!

- Ball joint and swivel neck
- Ball jointed shoulders
- Single jointed elbows
- Twist at the wrist
- Legs can move forward and back on a hinge
- Thighs have a ball joint which allow limited side to side movement of legs, and a full 360 degree turn
- Single jointed knees
- Ball jointed ankles which allow the feet to twist, move up and down and rock side to side.
Overall, Mario is a good buy, he's cheaper than the usual for an SHFiguarts figure and you'll be getting a very good display piece of one of the most iconic video game characters in history. Check him out at Greattoys Online.

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  1. great review sir!, i must say this is one of the best looking mario figures out in the market, articulation might be limited but he still can do those iconic poses, this is highly collectible to any super mario bros fan out there!^^