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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Play Arts Kai Red XIII Review - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Rounding off the 2nd wave of Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children here's a review of one of the most underrated, and least favorite characters in Final Fantasy 7. To be honest, i know very little about RED XIII or Nanaki, his proper name. I believe though that it was intended by the developers since it was never mentioned which race he came from though he's a denizen and Guardian of the Cosmo Canyon, same as his father before him (Seto), and was raised by his adopted "Grandfather" Bugenhagen.
The name RED XIII, if i remember correctly, is a specimen signature assigned to Nanaki by Hojo while he's under incarceration and experimentation. It is not clear what kind of human/animal hybrid he is, a lion perhaps or a wolf since he howls. It is clear though that his intellect is similar to that of a teenage human though his lifespan is exceptionally long, as shown in the ending of Final Fantasy 7 when he visited the ruins of Midgar with his two cubs and his conversation with the immortal Vincent. 

To be frank about it i am not really a fan of the character though i was surprised by his "modern" scale as a Kai. He's bulky and pretty long, of course the superb and superior details over his Play Arts counterpart is a given. 

RED's fur details and head-sculpt are exceptionally good. The numerous joints though are, well, bit of an eyesore but you will eventually get used to it. Do be careful though of the hind legs, not sure if it's an isolated case but they are difficult to move or angle. They also look really stupid when you prop RED in a sitting position.
An interesting feature is the movable eye, not to dissimilar with Hot Toys PERS. You can actually move RED's good eye after detaching a part of his head. His jaws are also articulated though i kinda fear playing with those a lot since they have a tendency to become loose overtime. 

Sad to say he's my least favorite among the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Play Arts Kai figures since you don't get much from him: No Accessories, No Caith Sith and Not Much posing options. For non-completists you can just brush past him. 

This is about as much fun i get from him, pulling off a Scooby Doo stance. Sorry RED, they should have included that weird cat with a bell...unless of course they plan to issue Caith Sith with that robotic vessel, wow, that would be cool.

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