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Thursday, February 05, 2015

SH Figuarts Sasuke Review - Naruto

GUEST REVIEW: Anjo Singson will be taking over the reins for this SHF Sasuke figure from Naruto. I was asked to edit this but i don't know jacks#!t about Naruto so i'll just be here for the *** comments. LOL. FHRITP Anjo!!!

Second time to review a figure for Mr. Tyler Durden in his enchanting blog. Grammar Nazis, don't stop f*c&!n6 yourselves. LOL! I have been collecting S.H. Figuarts as my secondary line (Next to PAKs whenever they aren't going to release some of the good stuff ... errr.)

The box looks good, IMO, it is better than Naruto's box. You can see some of the accessories there in the window, as well as the figure itself.

This time, I'm going to do a short review  of the "most-emo" anime character boy/guy in History ---- Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto: Shippuuden. *Special thanks to bro Christopher Patrick Chang for this figure fresh from Hong Kong!*

If you don't know the character ... well, I don't blame you. Short history --- he was a friend of Naruto in his younger years in Konoha (the setting of the anime, A village). Naruto always felt that he and Sasuke had a "special connection". Sasuke came from an extinct clan, The Uchihas (His brother killed his entire clan BUT FOR A GOOD REASON tho) and Sasuke strived to get stronger each and every episode he is featured so that he would look strong to ladies. No homo tho. Chicks are crazy for this guy. anyways, read the rest of the history here if you're interested: SASUKE UCHIHA. 

Here he is still on the plastic tray, with his accessories. I must say, it's kind of lacking that I find it disturbing. LOL. they should've included more faceplates and some lightning effects for his blade. And a stand would be helpful, too but SHF didn't bother to do so, anyways...

There are 9 extra hands, one hair piece (has only slight difference in the default one), one "Chidori" effect, 3 sets of Blades (One half scabbard/sheathe, One blade and One blade in Scabbard. NO. You can't insert the blade into the half scabbard.)

Oh, did I say faceplates? (***Yes Anjo you just did...)

The one on the left is the default, calm look of Sasuke. the other one on the right --- I don't know. screaming/angry/emo/blading/derp/sharingan faceplate. If you look closer with your naked eyes, it looks plain. plain red. But when zooming it, I've observed that it is in the "Mangenkyo Sharingan" mode. (*** Sasuke's O-Face LOL)

This rendition of Sasuke in figuarts is ... well. Okay. I am not that satisfied, well, kinda, with the design and the build of the figure. It also lacks accessories. In my VERY honest opinion, they could have done better. The build has a fragile feel while some poses are hindered by his clothes especially on the lower half of the body. His arms are made of a very thin joint so you guys better be careful when handling him. The logo on the back is prone to paint damage also.

Here are some extra pictures:

HERP DERP WELP DUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (*** The hell? OK that's it, no more sugar for you Anjo!)


·         The figure itself is solid, but light which is pretty good
·         Pretty nice articulation and sculpt
·         He can pretty much do anything the anime Sasuke does.
·         He's pretty. LOL

·         $66 --- THAT  PRICE (2,900php +++)

I highly recommend this figure TO NARUTO FANS. This guy is a must have in your collection if you are a Naruto fan. You will enjoy this figure if you are a Naruto fan. 

Why am I saying  this? It's kinda disappointing when you are an action figure enthusiast. The figure is nice, but it lacks something. It lacks accessories and appeal. Overall, this figure is okay. But don't expect it near the level of the Dragonball Z S.H. Figuarts ones. Because you will be disappointed. Personally, I've got MIXED feelings regarding  this figure, but I am not going to resell it. Yeah, Jeri heard that before. LOL (***I did?)

But hey, this figure is an Exclusive. you know how S.H. Figuarts exclusives' prices go up in the next 1-3 years, right? if you don't ... check out eBay. (Exclusives' prices may and will go up from $100 or MORE, depending on the hype)  I mean, look at SHF exclusives!

He's still Sasuke Uchiha tho. I feel that he has a place in your collection.
Scale is not a problem when displaying him in the same shelf with your S.H. Figuarts, Revoltech and even Figmas. 

He's going to be available in most distributors here in the Philippines, like so make sure you check 'em out!

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