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Monday, March 09, 2015

Play Arts Kai Yuffie Kisaragi Review - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

I don't usually do a really, really late review like this but since SQEX seems hell-bent on completing (crossing my fingers!)  the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Kai line i might as well do a little bit of backtracking most especially if we're doing a review of one of the characters with a rether solid fan base such as Yuffie Kisaragi here. Also, i'm hell-bent as well on using more of that Fist-bite Rating System designed especially for Female characters.
This thief/kunoichi here is one of my least favorite characters in the Final Fantasy universe but i perfectly  understand her popularity, well, for one, she's very attractive (by fanboys standard i must say!) and she's got a kick ass weapon, albeit impractical and more likely to decapitate your hand/fingers than your opponents.

Yuffie remains true to the "limited accessories" theme currently being employed by SQEX though i must admit that oversized Ninja Star actually looks cool when you pose her with it. It's also nice to know she's been given a whole bunch of Materias to pose with, well, it's a nice, simple touch directly from the source material.
 This version is actually the 3rd SQEX Yuffie figure and, of course, the PAK version trumped up the 2 earlier PA versions. BUT, i don't need to emphasize that, you can see it for yourself...
Yuffie's head/face sculpt is gorgeous, or in this case, i'll go for the word "cute." I love the flesh tone finish on her face. palms and arms. Since she's from the First Wave of AC she's also spared from the shiny, oily skin finish, well, a little bit...

The details on her costume are very well rendered and the paint apps are clean, something i, sadly, cannot say for the Second Wave particularly Barret and Tifa. To be brutally honest about it, her paint finish is better than that of Tifa' earn the wrath of fanboys, i will say that even her face sculpt is closer to the source material.
And now she's literally handing you your balls
Yuffie's poseability is pretty good though it takes time to pull off some poses. Her NINJA STAR can create good counterbalance and her joints hold up most of the time even without the stand.

I don't quite understand why she is always one of the least priority figure of most FF collector. Perhaps it's her size? Her lack of accessories? Her popularity level? Her lack of, ummm, ballistics, heh!?
Well, anyway, i didn't expect i'd say this but in terms of sculpt and paint finish she is far better than Tifa. If only they included an alt head she would have been way, way ahead. 
Still not a big favorite of mine therefore i will give Yuffie Kisaragi 3 out of 5 FIST BITES:

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