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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toycon 2015: The Convergence Brotherhood, Play Arts Kai Philippines, Chopsuey Toy Collectors & Hot Toys and SideShow Market, Grand Meet-up

I have no words for this year's Toycon @SM Megamall, i'm semi-retired from collecting after all, haha so i'll be posting pictures instead and putting captions which is a lot more fun than reviewing figures. Anyway, for the 3rd straight year Play Arts Kai Philippines display rocked, Chopsuey Toy Collectors joined the fray with theirs while PSEC's diorama of Midgar looks awesome indeed. Oh, congratulations to PSEC for their 5th Year Anniversary. They had a separate meet-up the night before but common members attended the "Grand Meet-up" during the 20th. Rounding up the roster would be HTSS and my main vehicle right now, The Convergence Brotherhood. My sponsor Big Boys Toy Store provided the main prizes for the raffle by the way. Anyway, i'll shut up now and just post pictures...(note: if the pics are without credits and they suck those are mine
Photo courtesy of Cheski Caram, atop high heels.

Ohhhh, those were medals, i thought they represent Balls Of Steel...

Meanwhile, here's PSEC's diorama - told you that Midgar piece was awesome. Photos courtesy of Lawrence Lascano.

And last but not least Chopsuey Toy Collectors (Photos courtesy of Bet Figueroa):

The main highlight of the Toycon, which convinced me to attend, was the Grand Meet-up. Good time was had by most, i believe. Except for those who did not win the raffle, did not get drunk or did not receive chocolates.
That guy on the right with a prominent grin is Art of HTSS, if you have 1/6 scale figure needs just hit him up. The guy in the glasses is Ariel, the Grand Master Collector of the groups
Here's the link to the  Hot Toys and SideShow Group

Arturo brought me this, straight from Singapore, review to follow:

Here are some more pics of people getting drunk...
...that's Anton on the left, contemplating the meaning of completing all Hot Toys Iron Man figures and everything else in between, let's move along...
and that's Josh with the open mouth...he's the reason why i haven't reviewed PAK Cloud yet. Let's all blame him.
JC of Sephtimus, and the PAKPH muses Cheski Auditore da Firenze and Zaria
Lucky Winners of the Raffle sponsored by Big Boys Toy Store - many thanks to Bond, Sean Bond and Jeffrey...
Getty needed some convincing to attend, and won a PAK Faora for his trouble. Courtesy of Big Boys.
JC is returning to PAKs after winning an AA SDCC Black and White Joker courtesy of Mr.Unli-fund and resident mad scientist Lou
Funko Winners: Erwin, Anjo getting chummy with my boytoy Steve, Kian, Coi and Eric the Loverboy. Funko was exclusively distributed by Big Boys Toy Store.
Pawie won the MGS V GZ Diorama courtesy of Big Boys. Anjo the photobomber behind him. 
And here's me unboxing Captain America. I was supposed to do a live review but i keep getting distracted, my mind and eyes are elsewhere...anyway, we've all since moved on from that i think. Video taken by Pawie.

Left side upwards then downwards on the Right side: Bet of CTC Group, that's JC, Cheski and Zaria again, Josh, Ry of HTSS, Jeremiah, Bryan - foundation and all, Albert Ray the MMA fighter, and HEY! that's me all clad in black with the grey bonnet, Anton, Coi, GM Ariel, Carlo Wreck-it-Rogelio, Mik and his The Joker impersonation, Pawie and Uzi the Desert Eagle. the others are wandering around somewhere. Ryan of Southbound Gundams i think is taking the picture.

There you have it comrades, looking forward to the next convention/meet-up.

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