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Monday, July 20, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader Review - Star Wars Variants

I was genuinely surprised when they first previewed this figure especially when SQEX  announced that it would be in the Variants line. Lord Vader here has been the face of science fiction and Pop culture in general and there is no way you can change his appearance without raising an outcry. Well, maybe i was just overreacting, having little knowledge about the Star Wars fanbase. lol. Anyway, this Outdoor Review 2/2 was made possible by Big Boys Toy Store.

I don't think i need to introduce Darth Vader anymore or his role in the Star Wars saga, which actually saves me a lot of time doing this kinda late review. We all know how he should supposed to look like anyway: black helmet with wheezing mouthpiece, black suit with a 70's science fiction control panel in front (buttons, switches and HAL9000 light bulb), black cape and that awesome, awesome red Lightsaber.

Anakin's accessories are pretty ample by Play Arts Kai standards: we get a bunch of hands, another one holding a red fireball like thingy - a bit odd since i never knew he's a spellcaster but yeah i understand we should expect an anime feel to this figure; his red Lightsaber and of course another anime-like accessory - alt hand holding the Lightsaber w/ slashing motion effect.

Contrary to the advanced photos circulating the net before his actual release, Vader isn't that bulky hunk of PVC we've seen before. His parts are actually very proportional though i agree his girth is a lot wider, okay, okay, "fatter" than the classic Vader but the Play Arts Kai "incarnation" is a lot more detailed sculpt-wise. 

His cape is awfully familiar, i think it's been used before on a certain PAK figure but i can't pinpoint which one. The shiny semi-metallic finish though is absolutely gorgeous especially on his helmet - I was quick to point that out when i took him out of the box. I just wish they gave the same effort on his Lightsabers, the main one and the +effect one are missing some "glow" which is, in my mind, a characteristic of a Lightsaber.  

Joints and poseability in general are fine but i can't move his arm around much because of his shoulder pieces and he's pretty top heavy also. Usually the cape helps certain PAKs maintain their balance (i.e. see the never ending PAK Batmen) but not for Anakin here. His legs though are pretty sturdy but i hate the tight clicking joints on the knee area. Damn contraption shut suddenly and caught my thumb...

Another misgiving would be the peg holes in the alt hands, some of them are too tight and i can't attach them to the arms. I think you can make the holes larger but i didn't dare try right there and then. And, also, i normally wouldn't complain about tightness except for peg holes on action yeah, errrr... a finger got injured...Damn it, anyway...
"You have failed me for the last time" Quick! Strangle Bryan!
Star Wars fan who are also into PAKs? i can't imagine you passing this one up. For casual Play Arts Kai collectors he's also a very good buy since he's using the modern, therefore, "more consistent" Play Arts Kai Scale. Not the best representation of this ultra-popular Sith Lord but I think he'll make the Top PAKs for 2015...well, i guess until the upcoming Play Arts Kai Bobba Fett and Darth Maul dislodge him from one of the Top spots that is.


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