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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Play Arts Kai Robin Review - Arkham Knight

It's been a while but damn right i have a bunch of reviews coming in starting with the "boy wonder" over here. I got him from Big Boys Toys Store by the way and i believe they still have some units available in their Glorietta 2 and Greenhills branches. Anyway, this is my first "outdoor" review and, possibly, the first time i'll rate a MALE Play Arts Kai figure using the "Fist Bite" system. LOL
And if you're there during the review checking out my pics YOU'LL KNOW WHY, haha, right Bryan?
I haven't played the new Arkham game: Arkham Knight so i don't know Robin's full role here but I do know the identity of that so-called "Arkham Knight." Anyway, let's proceed...

For me the best thing about this particular Robin figure? Shit-ton of accessories. As Bryan pointed out, he's a lot more packed than the previous Robin (Arkham Origins?) and i love that Assassin's creed removable hood/hairpiece combo here though for some reason i have a feeling i saw this Robin already...recently...

during the NBA Finals
Anyway, Tim Drake's arsenal is pretty impressive and those large shields and staves are too good to pass up for these poses...

Spartans...what is your occupation?!
I am not a big fan of his face sculpt especially the skin finish and the invisible eyes but, MAN, he's really poseable. The knee joints though are too tight for some reason and the ball joint on the left feet/leg connector was out of position straight out of the box.

At first glance i thought i got 2 right feet but upon closer inspection this is not the case, the ball joint is just really out of position and i can't move it. -1 SQEX Quality Control. Also, i got 2 open palm left hands so if any of you buys a Robin with 2 open palm right hands you know where to find me. -2 SQEX for messing up with the packing of accessories again.

Robin is really playable and i hope you consider getting him, it's a good thing they released another version to somehow offset the truckload of Batmen we've been getting. His 2 piece half-capes are articulated and he's got pretty good balance. I just hate the tight knees tho, i fear i'll break them in time... but trust me, this one's a good buy.

Since i haven't played the game, I still don't get why he's got 2 shields. Does flapping them enable Robin to fly? Or flail around like a chicken? Can he transform into a one-man-phalanx unit? Where will you put those 2 shields when they're not in use?  Aren't they a bit heavy (and silly) to be carried around all the time? Why can't Batman use one? Won't Robin lend 1 to him? Am i overthinking a simple extra accessory? tell me, damn it, TELL ME!!!  

#Ragemode aside, not really a fan of the alt hair piece though i really love that idea the first time i encountered it. He actually looks good minus the hood as evident in some of these shots. Overall paint apps is very good but i hate his pale face. He could really use some color on that part.

As for the next pic, blurry face aside, i'm giving it 3 Fist Bites... highfive to those who will get this...give yourself a pat on the back...'s me yesterday...

I heard the AK Batman is really good so i'm looking forward to reviewing him, if you got one, lucky you, now get up and get this Robin will ya? 

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